coconut briquettes canada

What are coconut briquettes Canada? Well, if you are living in Canada, the term coconut briquettes must be familiar enough. Yes, it is a kind of heat resource that is made from organic materials, the coconut shell.

The briquettes are mostly produced or imported from countries with Manu coconut trees. Some Canadian producers only import the coconut shells and they produce the briquettes themselves to make them more affordable. For functions, coconut briquettes are ideal for cooking, mainly big-scale cooking. Yes, this type of fuel tends to be more economical.

Besides, people also use it as an alternative power source for their transportation devices. Remembering that some parts of Canada have extremely low temperatures, coconut briquettes are ideal as the energy source for heaters.

Compared with other energy sources, coconut briquettes indeed have some more benefits. What are they?

coconut briquettes canada

Renewable Resources

The coconut briquette is one of the renewable resources available on this earth. Sure, you know well what it is made for. Coconut shells are easily found anywhere, particularly in coastal and tropical areas. Even some types of coconuts don’t need to be cultivated in a certain way. They grow up naturally when the shoot is in the ideal soil.

It makes the resource sustainable and will never extinct as long as humans can keep the environment. Coconut briquettes are also in the category of biomass. Biomass refers to the biological material formed from a living organism.

For the limitation of mining materials like coal or oil, the development of biomass is necessary. So, there is no worry to use the coconut briquette in a big amount since the resource will not be used up soon.

Environmentally Friendly

Coconut briquettes are made using natural and environmentally-friendly technology. And as has been mentioned above, the materials are also natural and safe. That’s why the use of it doesn’t affect the environment at all.

The materials are not toxic at all. Aside from coconut shells as the main material, other substances added are tapioca flour which is made from cassava. The flour functions to attach the coconut shell dough.

When the briquette is burnt, it also doesn’t produce too much smoke. It is different from other charcoal types that tend to be very smoky. Sure, it just makes the briquette healthier, particularly for our respiratory system.

Producing High Temperature

Coconut briquettes produce an extremely high temperature. The temperature is even higher than coals. Yes, the temperature produced by this type of briquette reaches 7000 calories. It makes all the production processes that use this briquette more time and energy-saving.

More Affordable

For the sustainable materials needed, the price of coconut briquettes is more affordable. Moreover, the production process also tends to be easy and fast. It doesn’t require high technology or something to produce big amounts of coconut briquettes.

In Canada, coconut briquettes are relatively easy to find around. You can get them in groceries or other stores. The quality may be categorized into some levels. It is reasonable to see that the coconut shells themselves are not always in a good condition. So, are you interested in using coconut briquettes Canada?

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