coco briquette

Do you know what coco briquette is? It stands for coconut briquette. It is charcoal made from coconut shells.

Because it is made from natural ingredients, of course this product is also more eco-friendly. It’s no wonder that many people now prefer to use this product over other types of charcoal products. So, here we give the main advantages possessed by this charcoal.

Very Environmentally Friendly

For those of you who like to use environmentally friendly products, coco briquette is perfect for you. This is an alternative energy because 100% is an environmentally friendly product. No trees are cut down if you prefer to use these briquettes.

The combustion produced from this one briquette is only 10%. Thus, only a small amount of ash will be generated. It is also a type of charcoal that is biodegradable.

In addition, there are no chemical products present in the product. So, apart from being beneficial, there are no side effects that you will feel if you use this briquette product.

coco briquette

The Price is Cheaper

Coconut briquette is made from coconut shells which are waste. Because it is made from waste, the briquettes are also sold at a lower price. So, for those of you who don’t have large funds, this type of briquette is the right choice for you.

Just try to compare it with the price of ordinary charcoal that you often encounter. The price of conventional charcoal tends to be more expensive. Therefore, it’s better for you to use the type of coconut briquettes so you don’t spend a lot of money.

Longer Burning and More Stable Heat

Coconut briquettes are really the best charcoal briquette. Unlike other charcoal which burns quickly and doesn’t generate too much heat, coconut briquettes perform well.

The heat generated is more stable. In addition, the burning process is also longer. That’s because the dense structure of the coconut shell material is really well composed. So, every particle that will burn together.

So, in the end, that’s what makes the heat generated from the briquettes more stable. If the heat is stable, the burning time of the charcoal will also be longer.

No Smoky Aftertaste

If using coconut briquettes, there is no burnt or smoky smell after using them. Therefore, you will not smell anything attached to your clothes or clothing.

If you use it on food, then you won’t feel the smoky taste of the food that is burned with the briquettes. In addition, there is no excessive smoke produced from the burning process of this type of briquettes.

It’s no wonder that eventually coconut briquettes become the most sought-after type of best charcoal briquette. This is also what makes it a good and safe type of briquette to use for barbecues and cooking events at your home.

For this reason, these briquettes are actually more widely used for cooking purposes. People in developed countries prefer this briquette product over other types of briquettes.

Can Be Made by Yourself

Coconut briquettes are also easier to make yourself at home. The ingredients are also easy to make. So, if it runs out at any time, you can make your own stock.

Those were the 5 advantages that you can feel if you use coco briquette. With this explanation, of course you can be more confident about switching to using this type of briquette.

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