coconut briquette manufacturers

Coconut briquette manufacturers are not only producing a product but also complete all the requirements. The requirements help them to distribute their product easily, especially when they want to sell the coconut briquette abroad. Check the documents below if you are also running a coconut briquette manufacturer. 

A Certificate of Origin (COO)

This document is so crucial because it is a part of the international export document. Just like its name, the certificate explains that the coconut briquette is originally from your country. Original product means that the coconut briquette is made in your country. In Indonesia, coconut briquette manufacturers can manage this certificate in the General Directorate of Foreign Trade. You are about to get a printed document with a registered number and stamp. There are two types of Certificates of Origin, form A and form D. Manufacturers should take form A if they want to sell coconut briquettes to Canada, Japan, Russia, European countries, the USA, and Turkey. Form D is for manufacturers that want to sell their products to Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand. 

Bill of Lading (B/L) 

You need to have a Bill of Lading document and show it to the cargo shipment. This document is also important to get the goods from the cargo. What will happen if you don’t have a Bill of Lading document? It means that you can’t receive the product in the arrival country. Reputable coconut briquette manufacturers will send the original Bill of Lading after you pay the bill. The carrier or transportation broker will create a B/L document. Besides getting the goods, this document is also useful for exporters to check the status of the container online via the official website of the carrier.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Material Safety Data Sheet is made by a surveyor or supplier. This document is also important for coconut briquette manufacturers to show the way they handle the coconut briquette cargo during the shipment. Indeed, you should have this document to keep the shipment process running well. 

Commercial Invoice Document 

A commercial invoice document is another document for selling coconut briquettes abroad. The document consists of a packing list. It describes the number of boxes and coconut briquette pallets in the container. You have to show this document to the customs officers and the tax department in your country. The commercial invoice document contains the invoice and packing list made by the coconut briquette manufacturers. 

Sales Contract 

Remember to ask for a sales contract with your foreign buyers. This document can help you to prevent scams. It is proof that the coconut briquette manufacturers are real. In case they are not, you can use this document to litigate the manufacturer.   

Now, ensure that you have all the documents above before selling coconut briquettes abroad. Trusted coconut briquette manufacturers will support their clients to prepare the documents first. As a result, they can process the coconut briquette from the beginning until its clients safely receive their product. It also shows your reputation as a coconut briquette seller.   

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