coconut charcoal malaysia

Coconut charcoal malaysia becomes one of the most popular products in the world these days. It is not surprising because coconut charcoal has also become one of the valuable industry assets in this country. This product has a wider application for various purposes and in many fields, plus many advantages and features.

In Malaysia, the ingredients of coconut charcoal, which is coconut tree and fruits, have become one of the important industrial crops. Nationally, it ranks fourth in the list of the important industrial crop, right below oil palm, rubber, and paddy/rice.

Advantages of Coconut Charcoal 

As mentioned earlier, coconut charcoal becomes a popular fuel in Malaysia because of its features and advantages. One of them is the high carbon content. It also has higher hardness than other similar materials. Therefore, many factories in Malaysia use it for producing activated carbon, which is necessary to support the manufacturing process, especially the part for producing heat.

Coconut charcoal malaysia also uses 100% sustainable natural resources, the coconut shells. It supports sustainable development for commercial purposes. Furthermore, the coconut shell itself has low ash content (0.61%) and lignin (36.51%). This property allows you to create charcoal briquettes much easier. Moreover, it is safe for the environment because it produces less ash.

We also found out that coconut charcoal from Malaysia has little moisture compared to others. It is related to its manufacturing process, where the manufacturer removes a large amount of oil and water inside the coconut shell. It reduces the charcoal moisture level, which makes it easy to ignite. It doesn’t take too long to reach the highest temperature for each briquette.  

Coconut Charcoal Industry

Coconut itself plays a significant role in the selling of coconut charcoal malaysia. As the fourth important industrial crop, Malaysia uses 63% of its production for domestic consumption and exporting and uses the rest of it (37%) for industrial processing purposes.

The export value of coconut products also increases significantly every year. It includes coconut charcoal malaysia. Furthermore, society also is more aware of the importance of keeping the environment safe. It increases the selling amount of coconut charcoal in Malaysia.

Because of the current market condition, we also found there are some projects to encourage the making of coconut charcoal in Malaysia. On one hand, it helps in reducing tree and forest exploitation. On the other hand, coconut shell charcoal provides one of the best alternative fuels for cooking other than regular gas or electric-powered cooking.

Of course, this project also stimulates the export of coconut products. So, it also contributes to the country’s income from this sector. In short, it brings nothing but good things and benefits for many people.


Coconut charcoal malaysia might be only a part of the coconut industry in this country. However, we can see that this product could become the top product on the global market. Currently, many Southeast Asian countries did the same, but we can say that Malaysia has a better start and situation to utilize coconut charcoal in business and regular usage.

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