There are several coconut shell charcoal briquettes manufacturers that produce charcoal for shisha and hookah. How do we pick the proper one, how do we locate a genuine manufacturer rather than a trader? What to look for when selecting a charcoal provider for coconut shell charcoal buyers. What questions should be asked and what you should look for at the manufacturer This article will address a variety of questions.

Factory or Trader of Coconut Shell Charcoal Buyers

The first thing to determine is if you are working with a manufacturer or a dealer that most dealers pretend to be the factory, while in fact they are only an intermediary. Working directly with the factory is essential if you want good pricing and guaranteed quality.

When opposed to merchants, factories have less price flexibility. Because merchants may buy from multiple suppliers and receive lower prices by sacrificing charcoal quality. On the other hand, you can be certain that the quality is consistent and in accordance with the contract.

Factory Base

The second stage is to determine the exact location of the factory. The coconut charcoal’s factory is enormous in size. Raw materials, ovens, production equipment, including packing materials must all be kept in factories.

The factory’s minimum size ranges between 700 m2 and 5000 m2. Always confirm that the factory exists. Simply ask your boss to give you images and videos of the plant. Request that your name as well as date be written on a piece of paper and taped to the device. So, you can be certain that this photograph was not found on the internet but was created specifically for you as coconut shell charcoal buyers.

The majority of coconut charcoal facilities are in Central Java, Indonesia. Kalimantan and Sulawesi both have industries. And only a few factories in the Jakarta region. In Bali, there are no genuine coconut charcoal manufacturers.

The major reason for the concentration of charcoal industries in Central Java is because wages are lower than in other parts of Indonesia. Workers in Jakarta, for example, will be paid twice as much as those in Central Java. As a result, the Jakarta region has essentially no manufacturing.

Find Out Whether It Is Trusted or Not

Once you’ve determined that you’re dealing with the charcoal manufacturer directly rather than a dealer, and that the factory actually exists, determine whether the charcoal factory is dependable and capable of producing charcoal on a constant basis.

1. Phone & website

Googling the factory’s contact information and website. Do you recognize their phone number on some other websites that offer NOT coconut charcoal? If so, this factory is quite unusual; do not trust it. The contact information should originate in Indonesia.  Be cautious if the domain suffix differs. Mobile phone numbers begin with the number 8. As a result, the cellphone number will be +628. Other phone numbers are home or business phones.

2. From Reviews

Finding reviews is a simple yet effective way to check the factory. There are several platforms that give genuine and verified customer reviews for coconut shell charcoal buyers. Examine the Google Reviews and Trustpilot websites. However, keep in mind that consumers are more likely leaving a review if anything goes wrong than if they are pleased with the service. So, if there is a negative review, do not pass judgment too quickly.

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