Finding high-quality charcoal will greatly increase your grilling experience. Coconut charcoal is the best choice if you want to avoid extra smoke, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, or use charcoal that stays on the grill longer. The benefits of using coconut charcoal for grilling can enhance your experience in grilling.

6 Benefits of Using Coconut Charcoal For Grilling

Here are some benefits of using coconut charcoal for grilling barbecue and others that you must know.

1. Renewable Energy 

Energy that we can obtain and derived from natural resources.  Raw materials are the result of continuous natural processes, and since this energy is always produced by nature, it is not possible to predict when it will be depleted. 

2. Non Toxic

Coconut shell molds are made using natural processes, so these molds are safe to use. This process therefore makes coconut shell briquettes a very safe material. Burning charcoal will also undoubtedly produce a lot of smoke, but burning charcoal produces very little smoke, which is non-polluting and unlike coconut shell briquettes, which don’t bother the environment.

3. Use Of Green Energy 

They are made from raw coconuts and have tapioca flour added, so they produce very little smoke when burned. Grilling with lump charcoal has some major downsides, one of them is environmental impact.  Common briquettes release a large amount of carbon dioxide into the air when burned. The notorious greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to climate change.

4. Eco Friendly

Another reason coconut charcoal is a more eco-friendly option is because they don’t need a single tree to produce. As the name suggests, coconut charcoal only uses the compressed coconut husks. Choosing eco-friendly grill briquettes rather than charcoal or other briquettes can help protect trees and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

5. Long Lasting

This coconut shell briquette has a long burning time, about 2-3 hours non-stop.  This made briquettes a very effective substance. Coconut charcoal briquettes burn with up to 2.5 times the heat of lump charcoal. Roughly speaking, in the same amount of time as using 1000 kg of coconut charcoal, you will use about 2500 kg of lump coal. One of the most cost-effective benefits of using coconut charcoal for grilling some grilled food is a slow and steady burning.

6. Have A High Calorie Value

It is known as the calorific value because it represents the total heat dissipated by a power source. Coconut shell briquettes provide more consistent heat release with about 7,000 calories.  Its consistency makes for an evenly cooked, fortified roast that makes the grill experience easy to fully control.

8. Maximum Heat Generated 

This charcoal is different from regular charcoal. This is because the heat generated by coconut briquettes is very high—around 7000 calories. Therefore, high-calorie ingredients speed up the cooking process for perfect cooking.

Where to Get Coconut Charcoal 

Those are some benefits of using coconut charcoal for grilling barbecue and other grilled food. Whether you want to reduce the environmental impact of your home or restaurant or are looking for charcoal that generates heat, coconut charcoal is the best choice.

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