briquette charcoal price

Are you looking for the best charcoal briquette? If so, then you can use the following guide to choose the best charcoal briquette price.

Briquettes have become a widely used product. These products are widely used for various cooking needs, especially for baking or grilling media. No wonder so many people use this one product.

Because it has many requests, it’s no wonder that the briquette business is one of the best choices that many entrepreneurs are currently doing. The briquettes are also a global product. This is an alternative fuel that is cheaper than other types of fuel.

The guide that we provide below will also enable you to choose the best briquette products. These methods have proven effective for you to get the best briquette products. Check out the full explanation below.

briquette charcoal price

Varied Selling Prices

The briquette charcoal price does have many variations. Some are cheap, but some are expensive. Even though the price is cheap, it doesn’t mean the quality is bad.

However, if the price is expensive, it is not necessarily good quality. Therefore, actually the price of briquettes does not fully determine the quality of the product. So, that’s why you should be able to choose the best charcoal with a balanced price and quality.

So, you can ask for help from people closest to you who understand the quality of briquettes. However, if you don’t have acquaintances who can find out the type and quality of briquettes, it’s a good idea to find out detailed information on the internet.

Apart from that, you can also take advantage of the official website of the briquette manufacturing company. Usually, they provide a list of products sold and also the ingredients for making the briquettes. Then, look for those ingredients, whether they are good or not.

Type of Coconut Shell Used

One of the factors that determine the selling price of the briquettes is the type of coconut shell used. Usually, producers use coconut shells that are still young and still contain coconut fiber.

However, there are also manufacturers who can make briquettes from completely clean coconut shells. Well, it is this type of coconut shell that makes the selling price of the coconut briquettes cheap or expensive. Usually, coconut briquettes made from old and clean coconut shells will have a higher price.

Although the price of these briquettes is more expensive, the quality is much better. The reason is, the old coconut shell will make the briquette burning process take longer. That is what ultimately makes the briquettes have a long burning time and do not produce smoke.

Origin of Briquettes

If you buy coconut briquettes made abroad, of course the cost is much more expensive. The reason is, these briquettes go through a series of export processes and take a long time to arrive in your country.

However, usually export briquettes are much better than local briquettes. You also have to know which countries can produce quality briquettes. Indonesia is one of the best coconut briquette producing countries in the world.

The 3 things above are the factors that determine the briquette charcoal price. So, it’s not only about price, you also have to consider the quality of the briquettes before actually buying them.

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