briquette coconut

As we know, many people call coconut the tree of life. In fact, all parts of this palm tree are useful for every life aspect. For example, the coconut seeds have inner flesh & endosperm where people often include them as the ingredients for different cuisines. Besides that, you can process the ripe & mature coconut flesh for plant milk and oil. Then, you may process its hard shell to charcoal & briquette coconut.

What Is Briquette Coconut?

Coconut briquette is a pressed or compacted block made from coconut shell charcoal. It becomes an eco-friendly biofuel because it comes from sustainable resources of coconut shell. One of its benefits is that this material is easy to ignite as well as safe to use indoors. In fact, it does not emit toxic and sulfur gas. That’s why it is the most environmentally-safe and healthiest charcoal solution.

The Uses of Briquette Coconut

Coconut briquette is valuable as a commercial product. Some of the uses and benefits of it include:

1. In Food Industry

Many people cook using coconut briquette. It is virtually dustless and smokeless than ordinary charcoal. That’s why it becomes a good alternative for backyard cooking, fireplace, or barbecues. Nowadays, many food producers even tend to use it for preparing traditional food because of its safer & healthier benefits.

Then, food-grade activated coconut charcoal is popular for the ability as a detoxifier. Today, it becomes a popular ingredient in different types of foods like yogurt or ice cream. Because of that, activated coconut charcoal becomes a healthy choice in consuming dessert.

2. For Cosmetics & Health Products

It is not only useful as the ingredients for foods but also for cosmetics & health products. For your information, activated charcoal contains mighty properties, making it belong to the best natural ingredients for different ranges of hair & skin care. In fact, it is useful to repair stunted hair growth and hair fall. For skincare, it is beneficial to fight acne & help you achieve a smooth face.

In addition, activated coconut charcoal is good and safe for emergency treatments like poisoning or overdoses. Even more, it can improve kidney health, becomes natural teeth whitener, and also reduce intestinal gas.

3. As Industrial Fuel

Coconut shell charcoal briquette is potential to be an alternative for fossil fuels as it is easy to make as well as cheaper than other fuels. Because of that, coconut charcoal briquette belongs to the biggest export demands of industrial fuels, especially to Japan, the USA, and industrial countries in the Europe.

Now, we know that it has so many benefits. So, you have to ensure that the products you use come with the best quality.

In conclusion, briquette coconut is a briquette charcoal which is the raw material is coconut shell. One of the main uses is for hookah burner. Furthermore, many people use the lower grade of coconut briquette for barbecue purpose. So, just feel free to use it for your own purpose!

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