coconut coal online

With so many products and brands you can find out there, picking up the best coconut coal online for your hookah season can be a bit frustrating. As quality always comes first, several things need to be considered well when choosing hookah coconut coal. Let’s dig deeper into tips to help you buy the best coconut shell coal online here for the best hookah season.

The hardness of the Coconut Coal

The hardness level of coconut charcoal plays an important role in providing you with the best experience of hookah smoking. In this way, make sure that coconut coal is hard enough and not easy to break when you are using tongs to hold or daesh it. For this reason, you can conduct a simple trampling test. This will make it easier for you to find out how hard coconut coal is.

You can put the coconut coal on a hard surface and then trample it under your heel. Make sure that you press the charcoal gently. If you find the coconut coal crumbling, then you can assume that it is fragile and not hard enough for hookah.

The thickness of the Coconut Coal

You need to know that good coconut coal comes with a higher density. To find out whether the charcoal thickness is proper for hookah smoking, you can do a dunk test. This can help you to figure out if the charcoal was produced by using a coconut shell or not.

If the manufacturer uses mixed or synthetic coconut shells, then the material will be heavier and float on the water surface. In doing this, you can put the charcoal in a glass of water. If the coal is made of pure coconut shell, it will sink into the water immediately due to its high specific gravity.

Time for Ignition

If you want to buy coconut coal online, make sure that the product has a proper ignition time. Generally, the initial ignition time required for coconut charcoal is about 7 to 10 minutes. This is because there is a thin layer of ash that covers the entire surface of the charcoal.

Soft Smell

Due to the binder content, almost all kinds of charcoal will produce an odor during the initial ignition. However, coconut coal with good quality will lose this smell once the material is lit. In this way, there will be no odor to smell when you put the coconut coal in your hookah bowl. 

Less Smoke

Compared to ordinary coconut coal, the one with good quality will produce less smoke. Little smoke will only show up in the early stage of ignition and gradually disappears after a few minutes. However, there is no way that coconut charcoal is odorless or smokeless since odor always comes with smoke.

Composition of Ash

When you buy coconut coal online, you need to consider the composition of the product as well. Generally, the color of an ash tree is affected by the chemistry of the soil in the region when it is grown. White color ash is produced from calcium-rich soil while brownish ash usually comes from potassium-rich soil.  

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