The most essential part of the coconut charcoal briquettes production for hookah and shisha is the raw material. For your information, briquettes are made of 100% coconut charcoal shells. So, the shells’ quality & specifications will influence the ash & its color. Before buying charcoal briquettes from the manufacturer or factory, you have to pay attention to the coconut shells’ quality & source. So, you will get good-quality charcoal from coconut shell.

Coconut Shells Trees Location

Coconut trees grow all over Indonesia. You can find so many coconut trees on each island. Even though coconut trees mostly come from the same species, they have different shell properties. Then, the best coconut charcoal shells come from Manado, North Sulawesi. Commonly, most of Sulawesi Island produce charcoals with white color and low ash. You can find good-quality shells in Sumatra. However, it depends on the region. Generally, Jambi or Lampung produce thick dark ash.

Meanwhile, you can use coconut shells that come from Java for coconut charcoal production. However, you will rarely find white ash. Generally, it is dark ash that contains 7 – 15% ash. In addition, the color and ash content depend on the properties of soil. It may vary from one to another place. Moreover, the shell’s quality depends on the season when you harvest it. In the wet season, the charcoal shells have the darker color & higher ash. On the other hand, it has better-quality ash in the dry season.

Burning Method of Charcoal from Coconut Shell

The burning method also influences the quality of charcoal from coconut shell. There are 2 main types of burning charcoal: burning in steel drums & burning in earth pits. It’s better to choose charcoal shells burned in steel drums because it is the cleanest process supporting the high value of carbon. When it comes to burning charcoal in earth or soil pits, it is very common and easy to do. However, the charcoal shells’ quality is less than in steel drums. You have to know that these charcoal shells’ price is ½ of the steel drum.

How to End Burning Charcoal from Coconut Shell

You can end the burning process in different ways. One of them is a natural ending. Actually, it offers high-quality white ash charcoal shells with low ash content. However, many farmers don’t use it because it needs a long time until the burning ends. Mostly, farmers prefer the second way by pouring water into the soil pit or steel drum because this method will end the process instantly. Even though it is fast, this method produces less quality and the moisture is also very high.

Another method to end the charcoal burning method is to sprinkle with water. It is similar to pouring water. However, it needs a longer time. That’s why many farmers mix the 3 methods to provide affordable and digestible quality. In conclusion, you have to pay attention to the source and quality of the raw material before purchasing charcoal from coconut shell.

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