coconut shell charcoal cubes

Coconut shell charcoal cubes are popular. Customers order it for shisha or hookah. Coconut shell charcoal companies often offer several cube sizes. Check the information below to know the sizes of coconut shell charcoal cubes. 

31x31x31 mm Coconut Shell Charcoal 

The first charcoal cube size is 31x31x31 mm. It contains 36 pcs per 1 kg. The weight of each cube is approximately 28.4 grams. 

A premium quality product often has natural silver or white ash color. The color of the flame is also clear. 

The smoke is odorless, so it keeps shisha or hookah users comfortable. It is the largest cube most manufacturers provide for their customers.  

28x28x28 mm Coconut Shell Charcoal 

Do you want to order a little bit smaller than the largest cube? If so, a 28x28x28 mm cube is a recommended option. 

Manufacturers often offer this charcoal cube per 1kg. A package of 1kg 28x28x28 mm charcoal cube contains 48 pieces of coconut shell charcoal. 

27x27x27 mm Coconut Shell Charcoal 

Try to find manufacturers that give a variety of size options. Besides providing 31x31x31 mm and 28x28x28 mm coconut shell charcoal, some manufacturers are also ready with a 27x27x27 mm charcoal package. Based on the size, you will get up to 56 pieces of charcoal cubes per 1kg package.

26x26x26 mm Coconut Shell Charcoal 

You can order a 26x26x26 mm coconut shell charcoal package if you need more than 50 pieces but less than 100 pieces of charcoal cubes. In this package, you only get up to 64 pieces per 1kg charcoal package.  

25x25x25 mm Coconut Shell Charcoal 

25x25x25 mm coconut shell charcoal cubes are the most popular size. It is flexible enough not only for shisha or hookah but also BBQ and other grilling activities. The weight of this product is 13.8 grams per charcoal. 

Customers who order this cube for 1 kg will get around 72 pieces. Indeed, the color of the flame and ash should be natural silver or natural white, along with clear flame. Ensure that it is made of natural ingredients to prevent bad odor while burning the charcoal. 

22x22x22 mm Coconut Shell Charcoal 

It is okay if you need smaller coconut shell charcoal. Some manufacturers provide their customers with 22x22x22 mm coconut shell charcoal cubes. This cube size is easy to use whether for shisha, hookah, or grilling. 

The difference is that you get more cubes per 1kg package. According to the size, you will get around 96 pieces per 1kg package. Remember the standard of high-quality coconut shell charcoal. It should be odorless, white or silver ash and clear flame.   

20x20x20 mm Coconut Shell Charcoal 

A 20x20x20 mm coconut shell charcoal is the smallest cube size. You will also get the most charcoal per 1kg. A 1kg package often contains up to 120 pieces of charcoal cubes. 

The weight per cube is only 8.3 grams. Customers also order it for a variety of purposes, including supporting their shisha or hookah business. 

It is great to have a variety of coconut shell charcoal cubes. You can choose based on the purpose and the use of it. Contact the manufacturers to ensure the charcoal cube sizes they have. 

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