coconut charcoal grilling

Charcoal has a big role in grilling activities. Therefore, people choose charcoal carefully when they want to get a perfect grilling result. Among many types of charcoal on the market, coconut charcoal is one of the popular choices. Here, we will help you understand why coconut charcoal grilling is popular for this activity. Below, we have the advantages of using coconut charcoal for grilling.

Environmentally Friendlier

The regular charcoal briquette produces tons of carbon dioxide when burned. It is different than coconut charcoal grilling. This charcoal doesn’t produce so much carbon dioxide. Therefore, it is safe to use and more environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, regular charcoal uses tons of wood to produce, which means more cut-down tree numbers. However, coconut charcoal uses leftover coconut shells. It doesn’t contribute to deforestation, which is the main cause of global warming.

Last Much Longer

Coconut charcoal also can last much longer than lump charcoal. It can last at least two and a half times longer when you burn it for grilling. Moreover, this long-burning lifespan also is perfect for grilling, which requires a steady and stable heat to cook the ingredients thoroughly.

This longer lifespan also reduces the amount of charcoal you use for your grilling needs. For example, you only need 100 kg of coconut charcoal to burn at the same time as the 250 kg of lump charcoal. As you can see, you save a lot of charcoal and, of course, money with coconut charcoal grilling.

High Calorific Value

coconut charcoal grilling

Coconut charcoal also has a higher calorific value than regular charcoal. What is calorific value? It is the amount of heat released when you burn this charcoal. Coconut charcoal can release about 7000 kilocalories when you use it for grilling. Therefore, it helps you a lot to control the heat. You can cook evenly easier, plus this property will give you a better grilling and BBQ experience.

Zero Chemical Additives

One of the best things you can get from coconut charcoal grilling benefits is the no chemical additives. We found it depends on the manufacturer you use. However, many top manufacturers don’t use any chemical additives because they know the importance of making a good quality product.

Therefore, if you use their product, you will get coconut charcoal without dangerous substances like this. You can use it safely for your BBQ activities. Enjoy a delicious meal with your entire family members and friends without worries.

Odorless and Smokeless

Coconut charcoal also produces less smoke compared to regular charcoal. Also, it has no strong odor that affects the food ingredients. Because of this benefit, many people also use coconut charcoal for shisha or other indoor uses.


As you can see, coconut charcoal grilling gives you so many benefits. You won’t find those kinds of benefits from regular charcoal. That’s also a reason why coconut charcoal is a popular choice for BBQ lovers. Now, you only need to get it from a reliable source and enjoy different BBQ and grilling experiences you never had before.

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