coconut charcoal hookah indonesia

Charcoal is generally only used as a cooking ingredient for food and has no properties. But coconut charcoal hookah indonesia has its properties and is being exported all over the world today.

Because of this, charcoal hookahs are chosen by many exporters as a nutritious cooking ingredient and do not emit too much smoke. This is an advantage of hookah charcoal even though it can be priced at an affordable price.

Making Hookah Charcoal

This charcoal is made with a drum filled with coconut shells put in the drum and heated for a long time. It takes about 8 hours to go through this combustion process. Coconut charcoal hookah Indonesia is made with quality shells. So that when exported to other countries you can get the most out of its sales.

Apart from that, make sure that the dry coconut shells burning takes a short time. Even though the burning takes a long time, the results obtained are the best charcoal. On the other hand, this charcoal has many benefits that are rarely known, the benefits of this charcoal for life are one of the interesting things, even this charcoal is the biggest export in lifting the economy.

Benefits of Coconut Charcoal Hookah Indonesia

Being a fine black powder, this coconut charcoal hookah Indonesia has gas in the heating process. Because of that, this process makes activated charcoal different from other charcoal. With activated charcoal, molecules are lost in the activation process, so the charcoal has many holes because the molecules can increase.

Maintained Health

Activated charcoal in the use of hookah coconut charcoal, can reduce the blockage of bile flow. Due to hormonal changes in pregnancy. For this reason, consuming activated charcoal can treat cholestasis during pregnancy.

Wounds that occur in the body can be cured from this charcoal because charcoal can help heal wounds in patients with venous leg ulcers. This charcoal material will soothe and relieve pain in the feet.

Caring for Skin

The skin also needs to be cared for and you can use activated charcoal in beauty products. This activated charcoal can be used for facial masks. It helps remove microparticles, dirt and dust, and even chemicals easily.

Besides that, activated charcoal is also useful in absorbing bad odors, and harmful gases. And also being able to absorb excess moisture. It’s no wonder that this coconut charcoal hookah Indonesia is exported abroad because of its extraordinary properties.

Coconut Charcoal Hookah Indonesia Penetrate International Market

Penetrating the international market, the production of micro, small and medium enterprises has started to export this charcoal hookah to Japan and even Europe. This coconut charcoal is transported in one container with a high export value of IDR 280 million.

The way to export charcoal briquettes has several steps, one of which is a factory audit that aims to reduce the risk of fire. For this reason, the ship will be monitored and controlled by inspections and checks until it passes this audit.

There is also a survey stage that requires a vanning certificate in the delivery of each container. The problem at this stage is the air temperature and dead room during delivery so this is important if there is a case of fire in the charcoal product.

By exporting coconut charcoal hookah Indonesia and the various benefits obtained, this country’s economic progress will improve from year to year and it has many advantages because it is the largest charcoal exporting country.

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