It’s very frustrating if your hookah coals will not last for over ¼ hour throughout a hookah session. Of course, you don’t want to keep lighting the quick light hookah charcoals, especially if you’ve just lit them. You cannot keep adding charcoals because the smoking a hookah means that you want to relax. The solution is to use coconut coals as they tend to last 4x longer due to the manufacturing process where coconut charcoals use a compression method. Then, what are the difference between coconut and reguler or quick light coals? In this article, we will discuss coconut coals vs reguler.

Coconut Coals Vs Reguler (Quick Lights)

There are 2 types of coals. They are reguler quick lights coals and coconut coals. Almost everyone knows that coconut shell charcoals are better and more recommended. When it comes to reguler coals, they light up quickly. However, they change the hookah’s taste. In fact, they contain gun powder that is certainly very terrible. Besides that, they do not last long.

On the other hand, coconut coals are natural and organic as they are made of coconut shells. So, they do not alter your hookah’s flavor. Moreover, they also last longer. But you need a hookah charcoal burner or stove to heat them.

The Benefits of Coconut Coals

Coconut coals are healthier than quick lights as they don’t contain toxic chemicals. Meanwhile, reguler quick lights contain toxic chemicals that can be dangerous. So, one of the benefits of coconut coals is that they are environmentally-friendly and odorless. Besides that, they provide & sustain more heat. When it comes to coconut coals vs reguler, natural coconut charcoals taste better. So, you can expect a cleaner and smoother smoke with them.

Charcoal has a big role in the hookah session’s quality. Since there are many types of charcoals on the market, you should choose the brand & type carefully. Usually, hookah smokers decide to choose the reguler coals because of their convenience. But you have to note that the charcoals you choose to light up may affect some aspects of your experience in smoking hookah. The cloud output, taste, and longevity of hookah session rely on the type of the coals.

Are Coconut Coals the Better Choice?

Coconut charcoals are available in different shapes and sizes such as hexagons, flats, and cubes. With an HMD, you shou should choose charcoals depending on your desired heat. If you don’t use foil only, you should use 3-4 of them. Make sure that you place them towards the edge. Then, they will entirely heat your bowl. If your hookah smoke cloud is dense, it means you need some extra coals. Or, you may turn them around. However, you must remove coals if the clouds are harsh.

That’s why you have to know about the differences between coconut coals vs reguler quick light coals. Today, coconut coals’ prices are lower than other charcoal types. So, there’s no reason that you don’t use natural coconut charcoals.

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