the coconut hookah charcoal

Coconut hookah charcoal can be used as a promising business opportunity. This is proven in one of the companies selling coconut derivative products, the most promising of which is charcoal briquettes for shisha.

Amid a threatening economic crisis, even the charcoal business has become a crisis-resistant business. The advantage is in the field of price bidding, especially the Middle East international market as its main target.

Due to the lack of competitors, the price of charcoal briquettes is still free on the market. Business people are still free to offer prices even at high prices. The fact is that Indonesia is the only best country that produces shisha from coconut shell charcoal.

Coconut Hookah Charcoal And Its Market In India

India, for example, as a target market for coconut charcoal produced by Indonesia, still makes sense. Even if you think about it, India is the largest charcoal-producing country in the world, but it turns out that it has not been able to produce shisha charcoal.

In Indonesia, the coconut charcoal business is still not highly regarded. Most businesses are focused on culinary, fashion, and other businesses related to lifestyle. Head farmers who have studied export are struggling to make Indonesia the biggest and best charcoal-producing country.

Advantages of Selling Hookah Coconut Charcoal

Hookah is the water pipe that is in shisha. Middle Eastern society introduced the method of smoking shisha with the lure of being healthier. Because the bad substances contained in tobacco are dissolved in water.

But that opinion was reviewed by several experts and the results were not true. Shisha is worse than cigarettes because what is inhaled in the body can be hundreds of times more than the substance in cigarettes.

Before the rest existed among smokers, vaping was first present. Initially, vaping was believed to be healthier than cigarettes, especially since it has a variety of aromas, but this is not the case. Vape is as dangerous as cigarettes and so is shisha.

Coconut Charcoal Business Types

There are several types of coconut charcoal businesses. Even the coconut shell charcoal briquette business is still promising and still has a real existence in the market.

However, some obstacles are often encountered by these business people, one of which is limited market information. The quality of the coconut charcoal is also not up to standard, making it more difficult to reach the global market.

That’s why one of the best coconut charcoal businesses is hookah. Even though shisha is not a healthy activity and is not Indonesian culture, in Middle Eastern countries the shisha method is very popular.

Hookah Charcoal Business Risks

Every business has certain risks, whether small or bad. The risk that there may be at the level of customer satisfaction because when inhaling the water pipe produced is not good or the people of the Middle East are not ordinary.

Hookah Charcoal must be of good quality if the market is foreign. If using the Indonesian satisfaction standard, the results are not satisfactory. The reason is that Indonesia prefers regular cigarettes or vapes that can be taken anywhere.

That’s the coconut hookah charcoal business that doesn’t get much attention, especially from millennials. Even though this business can reach the international market if it is engaged and consistent in providing the best results from coconut charcoal from Indonesian plantations.

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