coconut charcoal

The coconut husk charcoal or coconut charcoal is widely known as a magic product with tons of benefits. It is made from the shell of this fruit. The ones that are used must be the mature fruit for sure. 

As usually, the process to make this product is through the burning step. The very high temperature is applied to reduce the whole water inside the husk. 

Commonly, it is used as a planting media to make your plants are healthier. In fact, it also has some other benefits where those are also really unique. 

The Unique Benefits of Coconut Husk Charcoal

The development of technologies in this era makes things are easier for people. It is included to consume the activated carbon from coconut like this. 

You may find the coconut husk charcoal in various different forms. Here are the examples of those items that can be beneficial for people and others. 

Shisha Charcoal Shape

    1. Soap Product 

    The interesting thing is that this material can be also created into a soap. Yes, it is a common soap that is used when bathing or washing hands. 

    In fact, this coal has the good purification and moisturizer quality. Creating it into the soap product is a smart action to enjoy all those benefits where it is also suitable for the sensitive skin. 

    The way to apply this coconut husk charcoal is the same like the common soap. Usually, the color of the soap is darker, but don’t worry because it has no smell and still comfortable to use. 

    2. As an alternate replacement in food industry

      This charcoal is able to accommodate the high heating. That is why; you can use it for barbeque to make it as an alternative to the normal coal. 

      Besides managing the heat, this coconut husk charcoal can give the good smell as well. It makes many food producers are now tend to use this alternative to make barbecues and prepare the traditional foods. 

      3. Animal Feed 

        In some places, this item is also used as the animal feeds. Usually it is for the pigs, cattle, and other poultry. There is a study that had made a research abour that advantages for animals. 

        The result showed that cattle that uses it for food has rose the milk production rates. Meanwhile, for the pigs, this product can increase their weight and reduce the diseases. 

        It means that your pigs may have a better and longer life. Don’t worry because this goodnessess isn’t only for the pigs, but also the other poultry animals. 

        4. Creating handicrafts 

          In many areas in this world, the coconut husk charcoal is well-known as a material to create handicrafts. You can use the coal forms or only the dried husk. 

          Their unique shape and characteristic make it is good to change it into a more valuable good. The handicrafts can be a painting, wall decoration, doormat, and many more again. 

          This kind of handicraft will be easier to find in an area that has an abundant stock of coconut. Besides that, you can get the affordable price where and the wide options as well. 

          Various different forms made from this coal can be purchased conventionally or through the online shops. Make sure to get only the best quality of coconut husk charcoal above everything. 

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