You might find different coconut shell charcoal price offers on the market and have a big question about how to determine the price of coconut shell charcoal. Of course, the price of the it cannot be separated from its quality.

Coconut shell charcoal with better quality will have a more expensive price. By paying attention more to these factors, you can determine the price and quality of the coconut shell charcoal products.

Ash Production and Color of Coconut Shell Charcoal Price

The main reason why people are willing to use coconut shell charcoal for various purposes, including for hookah and shisha is that it does not produce too much ash. Nevertheless, ash production can be different for products with different qualities. Charcoal with higher quality will produce much lesser ash.

The ash color will also be different for different coconut shell charcoal qualities. Lower-quality charcoal might produce natural grey-colored ash. Meanwhile, higher-quality charcoal will produce natural white ash.

Burning Time and Drop Test

Another reason why coconut shell charcoal becomes a favorite choice of charcoal for many people is that it can last longer when burning. If you are looking for a stable and durable burning capacity for various purposes, coconut shell charcoal can be the best option.

Burning time will also be associated with its quality. Coconut shell charcoal with high quality will have a longer burning time. It means it can last longer than the lower-quality coconut shell charcoal with a shorter burning time.

The price of it will also give you more information about the product’s strength because the producer will take samples from its products for the drop test. The product has a higher quality if its drop test has a lower result.

Fix Carbon and Moisture of Coconut Shell Charcoal Price

The carbon content in this product will be part of the consideration when determining the product price. Higher-quality coconut shell charcoal will have a higher percentage of fixed carbon than lower-quality products.

Meanwhile, you want to get a coconut shell charcoal product with a lower moisture percentage if you want to make sure that it comes with better quality. However, it means that you have to pay more for coconut shell charcoal with lower moisture content. Coconut shell charcoal with lower moisture will be safer to use because it will have minimum sparks when burned.

Volatile Matter and Calorific Value

To get coconut shell charcoal with higher quality, you have to look for products with a lower percentage of volatile matter. On the other hand, high-quality coconut shell charcoal must have a higher calorific value, showing you that it will be hotter than the lower-quality products. Of course, the price for it with lower volatile matter and calorific value will be higher.

Nevertheless, no matter what coconut shell charcoal price and quality you choose, you will find that it is odorless when burned. It will not ruin the taste of food or your shisha enjoyment session. The ignition time is pretty much the same because of the same size and shape.

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