coconut shell charcoal price indonesia

If you make a price quote for coconut shell charcoal price Indonesia, many questions will arise first. All of this is useful so that you pay for what you should get because the price is separate from the quality. Many factors determine the price of coconut shell, but the most important is still the quality. Coconut shell charcoal which has standard export quality, of course, will have a higher price. But to meet these export standards, there are also several separate calculations to determine the price and quality later.

The use of coconut shell charcoal can help meet various needs. Different production will also produce products with other quality. But to quickly know the quality of charcoal, there is a unique body carried out by the Charcoal Quality Control Team. The quality inspection method looks at the process from the start, from grinding, mixing, extrusion, cutting, oven, and packaging. Later below, we will list what needs to be seen to find more standard specifications for coconut shell charcoal.

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes Price

Factors that Determine the Coconut Shell Charcoal Price Indonesia

The factor that determines the price starts with the color. You can see slightly lighter and darker colors if the coconut shell charcoal is lined up. Low-quality charcoal produces naturally gray ash. In contrast, the high quality will produce natural white ash. Another factor determining coconut shell charcoal price Indonesia is how long it can last when burned. Longer burning time indicates higher quality. The drop test process is also another factor to consider when discussing pricing.

Meanwhile, if you want better quality, look for one with a lower air content. Indeed, the lower the water content, the higher the Coconut Shell Charcoal Price. This is because the lower water content is safer. After all, there is less spark when it is burned later. In general, the coconut shell charcoal price Indonesia has a minimum fee of 900 USD per ton. It would help if you thought twice when buying those that carry the standard price. Because the quality that will be obtained is far below what it should be and could be a production failure product.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Specifications that Have the Best Quality and Price

Specs to look for are Platinum quality or at least Super Premium. Of course, the price is around USD 900 per ton, but feel free now about how the benefits can be generated. Ash content ranges from 1.6% to 2.2%, while burning time will be over 2 hours. For the drop test, as we have mentioned, the lower the rate, the higher the coconut shell charcoal price Indonesia. The drop test of these two standard qualities is 1/10 and 2/10. The production of this ash is naturally white with a moisture rate of around 5% and 6% max.

All these standards must comply with proper quality control. Many phases will be measured first, from grinding, mixing, extrusion, cutting, oven, and packaging. Purchases usually have their conditions, ordering more than 15 tons in one batch.

Many things determine the price of coconut shell charcoal. According to the Charcoal Quality Control Team, the shape, size, and specifications for coconut charcoal also determine the coconut shell charcoal price Indonesia, where the minimum fee is USD 900 per ton.

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