We know that charcoal coconut is really good to use. But sometimes, we are confused because it comes in different types. In fact, different charcoal types have different purposes & uses. Now, let’s discuss it further. There are a few things you have to understand before you decide to buy coconut briquette charcoal from producers or suppliers. Below are some important things to understand and observe.

How to Check the Raw Materials of Charcoal Coconut

First, we have to know about the raw materials it uses. Make sure that it matches your wish. Besides that, make sure that they have a warehouse to store coconut shell charcoal. For your information, a good-quality charcoal should originally come from Sulawesi & Sumatra Islands as it produces brighter-color ash than charcoal from Java Island. However, it still produces high-quality coconut briquette charcoal as long as the manufacturer burns and cooks the charcoal perfectly.

How to Determine the Quality of Charcoal Coconut

After you know about its raw materials, you have to understand how to determine its quality. There are many essential things to make sure. First, the charcoal must be free from weird taste and smell. Besides that, it should have no sparks and cracks. After burning, high-quality charcoal produces light ash color and thin ash content. In addition, it must have long burning-time as well as easy to light (commonly about 3 to 4 minutes per side to light). One more thing, good-quality charcoal coconut has a glowing color with no black spot. With high-quality charcoal, you can experience better hookah or shisha.

What Causes Smell & Weird Taste of Charcoal Coconut?

Odd smells & taste may interfere with your customers’ hookah/shisha experience. There are some factors that may cause this. It can be that the factory doesn’t use high-quality coconut shell charcoal. Or, they use low-priced bulk binders. Another thing that may cause this big problem is the process of cooking that is not perfect when blending and the dough sits too longer after blending. Then, the tapioca flour smell appears. Because of that, you have to choose the factory carefully.

Ash Produced by Charcoal Coconut After Burning

You can determine the coconut briquette charcoal’s quality according to the ash produced after burning. Actually, it is based on the ash content only. This is the key: charcoal that produces less ash will offer the better shisha or hookah experience. For super-premium quality, charcoal should contain ash about 1.5% to 2%. Meanwhile, premium-quality charcoal should contain maximum ash of 2.5%. Besides that, if a manufacturer or supplier claims that their charcoal produces white ash, you have to be careful because it possibly uses bleaching chemicals.

To get your charcoal accepted on the shisha or hookah market in any country, you should have links with most popular supply chains around the world. You can list and offer the sale of your products on some marketplaces for hookah/shisha. To run this business, you have to carry out clear & careful planning, if you need a supplier that will help you grow and develop your business.

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