coconut coal hookah
coconut coal hookah

Hookah is another method like a kind of smoking. Where this tradition comes from the Middle East. This hookah method uses various variants of tobacco, one of which is coconut coal. So, to get to know me better, take a look at the advantages of this coconut coal hookah.

About Coal Hookahs

Hookah or better known also as shisha is a type of smoking method originating from the East Java region. This smoking method uses a tool similar to a water pipe equipped with a smoke chamber, pipe, and bowl fan hose. The tobacco used in this smoking technique is especially heated, then the smoke passes through the water and is drawn through a rubber hose into the mouthpiece.

Shisha tobacco itself is as diverse as this coconut coal. The coal used in Shisha is very important to question the quality and taste of the smoke that is inhaled when smoking.

No wonder until now many offer various types of tobacco or coal.

The coconut charcoal used in Shisha is one of the most innovative inventions. It is called coconut coal because it is made using material from coconut shells which are then processed using super-sophisticated technology.

Thus being able to produce good quality and profit. Moreover, coconut shell coal from Indonesia is known to have the best quality. This is because it is influenced by Indonesian environmental factors.

Coconut coal made in the shape of a pillow has its advantages, especially during the ignition process which feels luxurious and doesn’t roll off the cup. The thing that is no less important is that it doesn’t leave a lot of ashes.

The Advantages of Coconut Coal Hookah

It is interesting for others to choose a natural type of coal. Yes, as natural charcoal, coconut coal is superior to non-natural types of coal.

One of its advantages and functions is being able to provide the right amount of heat in doing Shisha.

As a bonus, the use of coal can last for a long time.

Compared to other lightweight hookah products, this product lasts longer. Cuboid coal, in particular, will usually require a more consistent heat source.

How to Burn Coconut Coal for Hookah

Maybe you don’t understand the use of coconut coal for burning hookahs. So, if you don’t know the steps, here we explain:

  1. First, make sure your room is burning in an open space, or at least if it’s indoors, makes sure the window is open or by activating the hood to absorb smoke to stay comfortable.
  2. After that, turn on the Hotplate and also place the coals in a neat arrangement that is not messy and the coals must be neatly aligned.
  3. You can use foil to cover the coconut coals. to create a match You have to remember that several types of coal do require a higher heat temperature. So from that, you can cover it with foil.
  4. When the coal fire is fully lit, you can transfer it directly to a bowl or cauldron. A fully lit fire usually has a bright red color and is a burning flame.

These are the steps you can follow for using coconut coal for hookahs.

Coconut coal hookah is a type of hookah that relies on natural ingredients which are none other than coconut. This type of coal has advantages that can be felt by its users. Now with the explanation above, you can make the most of it.

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