coconut cube charcoal

Nowadays, there are so many coconut cube charcoal brands in the market. It is a little bit hard to determine the high and low quality. So, how to know whether the coconut charcoal in front of you is recommended or not? The explanation below will help you to determine the quality of coconut shell charcoal. 

The Burning Time 

The first thing you can examine to know the quality of charcoal is its burning time. Due to its material and consistency, low-quality coconut charcoal burns too quickly. 

The minimum standard burning time of a high-quality coconut cube charcoal is 1 hour, along with a glowing time of up to 2 hours. Indeed, bad charcoal has less than 1 hour of burning time. It means you need more charcoal for an hour’s usage.

The Density of the Charcoal 

Another trick to examining coconut cube charcoal is by checking the density. Try to push the charcoal a little bit. It is low-quality charcoal if it is easily crushed. 

That’s why you should find charcoal that is dense enough. The density of the product has an important role. Denser charcoal has a longer burn time than less dense charcoal.

Flame and Ash Color 

You should check the flame while burning the charcoal. Then, check the ash after burning the charcoal. The flame should be clear enough, whereas the ash color should be silver or white.

 It is a sign that you have good quality coconut cube charcoal. The ash is not as much as ash produced by low-quality charcoal. High-quality coconut charcoal only produces 3 percent of ash. 

Odor, Smoke, and Spark 

Have you ever used smoky charcoal when using it for certain types of food? If so, it can be a low-quality product. Good quality charcoal is smokeless no matter the type of food. 

This product is more comfortable for grilling poultry, vegetables, and seafood. It is the same case with the odor and spark. You should choose odorless charcoal and charcoal with no sparks. 

The idea of recommended charcoal is to support your activities while keeping you pleasant during burning the charcoal. Imagine if you have to stop enjoying shisha or hookah only because of a strong bad odor or smoke once burning the charcoal.

It Uses Inner and Outer Packaging 

Reputable manufacturers try to keep the quality of its product. Because of that, they will protect the charcoal and ensure that it is safe during delivery. They often use inner and outer packaging before sending it to the customers. 

As a result, the shape and size remain once the customers open the package. It is different compared to low-quality charcoal. You often receive it in different sizes and shapes. Sometimes, you can still smell the burning odor when opening the package.

Now, you know how to choose the best coconut cube charcoal in the market. This information will make you more comfortable when buying a package of charcoal. You are not only happy when receiving the package but also opening and using the charcoal. 

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