how much charcoal for hookah

Increasingly skyrocketing around the world, this hookah charcoal has quite an interesting and efficacious effect compared to other charcoal. Then, how much charcoal for a hookah? Having dozens of contents in one kilogram, this charcoal is usually exported abroad to meet the need for cooking.

With hookah charcoal, the need for cooking will be fulfilled and will not change the taste of food. Even though it is cooked using this charcoal. For this reason, hookahs are chosen by many exporters so that they are in demand throughout the world and have more income in lifting the current economy.

Terms of Exporting Hookah Charcoal

The world’s charcoal producer, the main high-volume carbon such as this charcoal has been exported to various countries. Including the United States, Europe, and Africa. However, this charcoal material experiences cases of self-ignition due to the heat in the container during the journey.

Factory Audits

This verification program helps reduce the risk of ships catching fire during shipping. By transporting the charcoal in hot containers on the way so that the charcoal can catch fire when it is exported to several countries.

This factory audit checks shipments through shipping. Then the audit will supervise or control each pre-shipment ship to ensure export shipments go well.

Vanning Survey

In container shipping, there is a vanning certificate. Where in this shipment the main problem is the cargo of charcoal in dark conditions and temperature conditions on the way. This vanning survey fee is charged depending on the location of the factory and the surveyor in each entry.

In addition, exporters must have a material safety data sheet (MSDS), a self-heating test certificate, and a producer company profile.

Globally Harmonized System

For the exported charcoal to have its standards, it is necessary to have an MSDS document with international standards. This standard is used in a globally harmonized system and becomes systematic to define the basic principles of chemical safety.

Even though the charcoal material is not dangerous, this document is needed by exporters for export activities. Although it is not a mandatory requirement during administration.

How Much Charcoal For A Hookah When Exported?

Boosting the economy during the last pandemic, coconut charcoal, which uses coconut charcoal, is widely used as a medicine or fuel for cigarettes in Middle Eastern countries. For this reason, how much charcoal for a hookah is exported? Usually in one to several containers sent abroad and marketed there?

Indonesia’s coconut potential as the number one producer in the world is good news. Because hookah charcoal can be used worldwide by exporting it to countries that need burnt food.

This charcoal raw material can be sent 2 to 3 trucks per day to meet exports for the next few months. Data at the start of the pandemic this charcoal could export 500 tons per month and even 1000 tons per month.

The need for coconut charcoal has the potential to expand the market. It because world briquette production is still dominated by wood charcoal. For this reason, many developed countries are the biggest consumers of this charcoal product. Because the world is aware that the use of wood charcoal can damage trees or forests.

Expanding market access is the only way to export how much charcoal for a hookah with hundreds or even thousands of tons per month.

How much charcoal for a hookah that is currently being exported, hopes to become a mainstay of products worldwide to minimize deforestation in the use of wood charcoal.

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