coconut shell coal cubes

One of the most useful plants in the world is the coconut tree. Almost every part of it can be used, especially the fruit. Even after you are done with the fruit, the shell can be used to make coconut shell coal cubes, which can be used in various activities. Coconut shell coals are mostly used by industries. This type of coal has calories of energy that can produce higher heat than coal made from wood. There are many companies providing this coal in Indonesia, but how to choose the good one?


The most important factors you should consider before making a choice are quality of the coconut shell coal cubes. You have to know that coconuts from different islands also have different qualities. The coconut shells from the island of Sumatra have brown ashes, while the coconut shells from the island of Sulawesi have white ashes. Good coconut shell coal cubes come from old coconuts, because they are denser, and have less water in them.

Quality also depends on how the company drys and burns the coconut shells. Good coconut shell coal cubes come if the coconut shells were dried up and left with only 15% of moisture and were burned without the presence of oxygen or called pyrolysis. On the other hand, if the coconut shells were not dry enough and burned with the presence of oxygen, the quality of the coconut shell coal cubes will be way lower.

Sometimes coconut shells can be mixed with soil and wood, which will impact their qualities once made into coconut shells coal cubes. So it’s important to pick a company that has its own coconut shell collection and pyrolysis process. If a company buys their coconut shells from other places, the qualities can be different from each batch. If a company has its own pyrolysis process and coconut shells collection, it will guarantee you the second most important factor: production time.

Production Time

The other important factor to choose your coconut shells coal cubes company is how long it took to make them. Even though coconut trees grow all year round in Indonesia, sometimes it could be really hard to find empty coconut shells. Farmers sometimes throw away the coconut shells, or already burn them too much. This is the reason why the price of coconut shells changes almost every week.

If a factory is unable to find enough coconut shells, then the production of coconut shells coal cubes could be halted because of the production delay. So, if you can, try to visit the company to check the coconut shells collection and the pyrolysis yourself. If those facilities are owned by the same company, it will guarantee a stable supply of coconut shells, making the production of coconut shells coal cubes will go smoothly all year.

Those are the two most important things to consider before choosing your coconut shells coal cubes company. So, make sure you choose the right one. If you interest to know more information about coconut charcoal, you can visit our website. You can also click here to connect directly with us.