how to make briquettes from coconut shell

Coconut shell briquettes are so popular around the world, including in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, Dubai, and many more. The most important thing you should know is how to make briquettes from coconut shell for export. The steps below will help you to produce export-quality of it.

Prepare the Raw Materials 

Since you are about to make briquettes from coconut shells, you should prepare the its shell first. Don’t worry! You can easily find coconut shells in Indonesia. It is a waste material and the cost is so affordable. You only have to ensure that the coconut shell is in a good condition. The other materials include starch and water. 

Carbonize the Coconut Shell 

How to make briquettes from coconut shell after the raw materials are ready? You should carbonize the coconut shell. Carbonizing the raw material using a carbonizing machine will make the process faster and easier. It is so important since you are about to produce export-quality product. Soon, the coconut shell charcoal are ready. 

Crushing the Coconut Shell Charcoal 

Continue the process by crushing the coconut shell charcoal. Ensure that the charcoal turns into coconut shell charcoal powder. It will be easier to shape the charcoal into briquettes in the form of powder. 

Mixing the Powder with Other Materials 

You should make the powder a little bit sticky before shaping it. The way to make it sticky is by mixing the coconut shell charcoal powder with water and cassava starch. The standard binder ratio is 3 to 5 percent. The moisture level of the charcoal should be 20 to 25 percent after mixing. 

Shaping the Coconut Shell Charcoal 

The next step is shaping the coconut shell charcoal. The common size for shisha or hookah is 25mm or 26mm cubes. Some customers also request to shape the briquettes into 20x35mm hexagonal and 20x35mm cylinders. 

Drying the Coconut Shell Briquettes 

The product are not ready yet. You still have to dry them. For export quality, companies use an industrial oven and dry the briquettes at around 80 degrees Celsius. The moisture level is less than 5 percent after the drying process. Let the temperature decrease for a few hours. 

Back the Coconut Shell Briquettes

Manufacturers start to pack the coconut shell briquettes once it reaches room temperatures. The package is based on the size of the coconut shell briquette cubes. Most manufacturers pack their product in 1 kg.

For example, a 25x25x25 mm coconut shell briquette package contains 72 pieces of cubes. It is the most popular package among coconut shell briquettes customers. There is also a 22x22x22 mm coconut charcoal briquette if you need smaller charcoal cubes.

1kg of 22x22x22 mm coconut charcoal briquette contains 96 briquette cubes. Ensure that the size fills your needs before ordering it. Then, manufacturers will send your order with a safe package to keep the shape and quality of the product.  

Now, you know how to make briquettes from coconut shell for export. You only have to pack them based on the request and send them.    

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