how to make coconut briquettes

Some manufacturers produce coconut briquettes by combining coconut shells and other inorganic materials. As a person who cares about the environment, you may want to know how to make coconut briquettes organically. An organic coconut briquette is made from coconut charcoal dust and tapioca starch. Learn the way to produce coconut briquettes below.

Produce the Charcoal 

A manufacturer will collect and prepare the coconut shell. Then, they will put the raw material into the combustion machine. It uses carbon and is without oxygen or air. That’s why they will tightly close the combustion machine during the process. The combustion process takes around one week. 

Carbonize the Charcoal 

The next step is carbonizing the charcoal. Coconut briquette manufacturers use a machine known as a rotary kiln. This machine will heat the charcoal. The temperature of the machine has to be 450 to 510 degrees Celsius or 840 to 950 degrees Fahrenheit. They will close the air inlet once the combustion process is completed. This process takes one to two hours before closing the exhaust hole. They will let the coconut charcoal there for two weeks for the cooling process. The team will take the charcoal from the kiln and crush it. 

how to make coconut briquettes

Crush the Charcoal 

Big coconut briquette companies use a roller crusher to crush the burned coconut shell. Small companies often use manual tools, such as a hammer. The burned coconut shell has to be small enough, approximately 5mm, during this process. Then, they will continue to the next process. 

Dry the Crushed Coconut Shell 

Despite the cooling process, they still have to dry the crushed coconut shell. The main purpose of this process is to get rid of the water content left. Companies often use a dryer to reduce the water content and moisture by up to 15 percent. 

Create a Coconut Briquette 

So, how to make coconut briquettes? The team will send the dried coconut charcoal to the ball press machine. In this process, they set the temperature at 105 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius. The machine will produce a square coconut briquette. 

Reduce the Moisture 

The process of making coconut briquette is not done yet. The manufacturers should reduce the moisture level by up to 5 percent left. In this process, they will put the coconut briquettes into the dryer. The process takes three to four hours. The temperature in this process is 135 degrees Celsius or 275 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Store the Coconut Briquettes 

Now, the coconut briquettes are ready. This product is sent to the silo. The silo has to fill specific requirements to keep the quality of the briquettes. The team will pack them by request and send them to the buyers immediately. The manufacturers also ensure that the package is safe enough until the buyers open it.     

The explanation above shows how to make coconut briquettes from the beginning until ready to distribute. Big coconut briquette manufacturers often do the process above to create high-quality coconut briquettes. It ensures that organic coconut briquettes are safe to use. You can even use the ash for fertilizer.  

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