how to make coconut shell charcoal

Making charcoal from coconut shells is not a difficult chore, especially if you are living in a coastal area. Coconut shells are one of the good raw materials for making charcoal, which then you can use in a variety of fields. If you are curious about how to make coconut shell charcoal, here are the 3 common methods to do so.

The Drum Method

The drum method is the most common one for producing coconut shell charcoal since it is easy. You just need to put coconut shells into a drum, do not forget to leave a small space in the middle of the drum. Leaving a small space is important for carbonization. Optimum carbonization allows for smoke to freely circulate as well as limit the oxygen supply to the coconut shells.

This way, you will be able to make high-quality coconut shell charcoal. You just need to put fire on one coco shell for another to begin the carbonization. After that, tightly close the lid of the drum and wait until the carbonization process is complete. Then, cool the drum along with the coco charcoal. As the last step, you can extract the coco charcoals and pack them after 8 hours of cooling.

Using a Carbonation Machine

Besides using a drum, you can also use a carbonation machine to make coconut shell charcoal. However, you need to have pre-treatment equipment for the raw materials before carbonizing the coco shells. The pre-treatment equipment, for example, dryers and crushers. As the name suggests, a crusher is used to crush coconut shells, turning them into small pieces under 50mm.

On the other hand, a dryer is useful for reducing moisture in the coco shells. Then, you can put them in the carbonization machine for the heated carbonization process. You have to do this in order to allow the pyrolysis process to take place.

The Pit Method

The last method on how to make coconut shell charcoal is using the pit method. As a fun fact, this pit method is the oldest method of making coconut shell charcoal. Many people are still using it as this method is easy and requires minimum capital. The drawback of using the pit method to produce coco charcoals is that you cannot make charcoals in a big quantity.

In order to make coconut shell charcoal with this pit method, put the coconut shells in a hole. And light the fire in the hole. Then, place some leaves and soil after 8 inches over the rest of the coconut shells. You can opt for putting a small dry fuel if you want to make the fire stronger. In order to result in high-quality coco charcoals, open the hole in 2 days or less.

If you want to produce coco shell charcoals in a large quantity, you need to do this method repeatedly.

Those are the 3 methods that you can follow to produce charcoal made of coconut shells. Are you still curious about how to make coconut shell charcoal?

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