is coconut charcoal safe for hookah

Starting from the entry of Middle Eastern culture to Indonesia regarding smoking with the shisha method, charcoal became global. The question then arises is coconut charcoal safe for hookah? Or even more dangerous?

Hookah is a pipe used for shisha. The pleasure of inhaling smoke using shisha is claimed to be healthier because of the assumption that the bad substances in tobacco have been absorbed by water.

But the fact is bad substances in tobacco remain. Smoking using shisha is even worse, the bad content for the body is many times over. To answer whether or not coconut charcoal is safe for hookah, let’s go into the discussion below.

Answer from Is Coconut Charcoal Safe For Hookah

The country that is the source of the cranium is not only Indonesia. In Asia, Africa to America, coconut shells have become a promising business. Now many investors are looking for ways to use coconut shells for hookahs.

Making Coconut Shell Charcoal

When using a charcoal-making machine there are three steps involved. If the coconut shell has a moisture content of more than 15%, only one dryer is sufficient. But if the humidity level is up to 45% then two dryers are needed.

The next step is to put the coconut shells into the furnace used to make charcoal. There are some

 types of charcoal making ranging from manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic.

To purify smoke using several procedures. First, by clearing the smoke until the smoke has EU emission standards and can be disposed of directly.

Coconut Charcoal For Hookahs

The selection of coconut charcoal hookahs has gone through a chemical process. Anything that has gone through a chemical process is usually unhealthy, so the answer is coconut charcoal is the same as cigarettes or vapes which are used as smoking tools.

The shisha smoking method is becoming a trend that is starting to enter Indonesia. For businessmen, this is a profitable field. Even the coconut charcoal business is a significant anti-decrease business.

Moreover, the quality of Indonesia’s coconut charcoal is one of the best. Its target market is abroad and there are rarely competitors, so coconut charcoal exporters can determine prices more easily.

Usually, when negotiating prices, because the demand for hookah in the Middle East market is very high, the price is not a problem. Considering that there is still a lot of supply of coconut charcoal in Indonesia, of course this is a promising opportunity.

Safe to Use But Unhealthy

Although hookah charcoal is unhealthy, it is still relatively safe to use. But it is advisable not to overdo it when smoking it because the content is hundreds of times that of cigarettes.

Even though Indonesia itself is a producer of hookah charcoal, its users are still minimal. Vape is the best choice compared to cigarettes for young people who want to look cool.

If we examine more deeply about coconut charcoal more, indeed, business people in Indonesia have not looked at it much. Even though foreign investors are ready to launch high-profile funds for the charcoal business, let alone for hookahs.

Exporters of coconut charcoal for hookahs have so far been safe overseas. The demand is also quite a lot.

The question Is Coconut Charcoal Safe For Hookah now answered? Nothing is safe for the heart while still using tobacco and other ingredients.

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