shisha charcoal indonesia

Shisha charcoal Indonesia is a crisis-resistant business despite experiencing an economic downturn in Indonesia so far. Due to the large number of coconut trees that thrive in this country, more shisha charcoal can be produced. Even though Indonesia is a potential exporter of this charcoal in the world. Shisha charcoal is also suitable for life and has high economic value.

Why Should Shisha Charcoal?

Having the biggest export potential in the world, Shisha charcoal Indonesia has the best quality coconut briquettes on the international market. Because of that, coconut shell briquettes are an alternative fuel for cooking and baking food in foreign countries such as Europe and the Middle East.

Asian countries themselves use shisha charcoal for restaurant cooking purposes. It because coconut shell charcoal can generate more heat than using coal or charcoal made from mangrove plants.

On the other hand, coconut shell charcoal is environmentally friendly because it doesn’t cause excess smoke like other charcoal. Because of this charcoal is widely used and exported from Indonesia, it is safer for cooking.

Export opportunities are greater, making the need for food and coconut shells even greater. This can be utilized by MSME entrepreneurs in using coconut shells for sale and export. It because the market supply and demand are high.

 If coconut shells start to move, sales of products that have been processed will be carried out to provide long-term value in maintaining the balance of nature even though a pandemic is sweeping the whole world.

Other Benefits of Shisha Charcoal indonesia

It is known that shisha charcoal Indonesia is made from coconut shells which are a natural ingredient for making charcoal. Heated at high temperatures so that it becomes charcoal powder. This shisha charcoal has various properties that you need to know, what are they?

As Medicine

Unlike other charcoal, coconut shell charcoal goes through a heating process. It can be used as medicine to treat various deadly animals such as bats, snakes, and even spiders.

This charcoal is useful as activated carbon even though it is in the form of ordinary charcoal. Apart from that this charcoal can be used as an anti-toxin and becomes charcoal to absorb poisons that you consume from food.

If the charcoal has become activated carbon, you can use it more easily and this activated carbon is safer because it has gone through a formation process in handling poisons.

Minimizing Various Diseases

In addition to being anti-toxic, shisha charcoal Indonesia is useful as a powerful cholesterol-lowering agent in the body. The cholesterol that can be handled by this charcoal is normal and does not exceed the usual cholesterol limit.

Your digestive system can also be cleaned using this charcoal because coconut shell charcoal can expedite and clean your digestion by consuming it so that dirt and toxins in digestion can be removed.

Wound Healing and Diarrhea

Aside from being a medicine, purulent wounds can be treated with this charcoal. Because this charcoal has activated carbon and you can attach it to the wound so that the wound heals quickly. On the other hand, this charcoal can stop diarrhea.

It has activated carbon and can remove toxins, this carbon is used as an antidote and you are advised to use this charcoal to relieve it.

Even though it looks trivial, shisha charcoal Indonesia has many superior properties and functions as a treatment. It is not surprising that this charcoal is often exported abroad and is in great demand by outsiders because of its benefits.

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