coconut coal for hookah price

Hookah or shisha is a smoking technique using a special tool and using a burning medium such as coconut coal which is natural and safer. Maybe you are interested in using this medium. So from that it doesn’t hurt to take a peek at the types of coconut coal factors for hookah price.

Advantages of Coconut Bara for Hookah

Many already know that coconut coals that are used as hookahs offer various advantages that you cannot find in other coals.

Maximum Heat

Coals or coconut briquettes have a maximum heat yield, where which can reach 7000 cal. A maximum heating speed and a relatively long time can give a memorable impression to hookah users.


The hookah technique is harmful to the body, but at least hookahs with coconut coals are not poisoned.

This is because the process of making coconut coal is natural, so it is still relatively safe.

Usually, in some coconut coal hookahs, there is also a bonus ingredient such as tapioca flour. This is why coal or coconut briquettes for hookahs are considered safe and non-toxic.


In general, a kind of charcoal can trigger a large amount of smoke, such as a lot of puffs.

However, this time you will no longer find a lot of smoke in charcoal briquettes or coconut coal because when the smoke produced by this hookah is burned, there is little or no smoke.

Go Green Energy

Another advantage that you can find in coconut coal is that it is go green energy. Where go green energy is defined as a source of energy that is fairly friendly for life.

As a natural coal, Go green energy is considered quite environmentally friendly, coupled with the safety of using coconut coal, no doubt, as long as it does not exceed the limit.

At least with these four advantages, you need to reconsider their use.

If you are interested in using coconut coal for your hookah, it is important to know about its quality.

Coconut coal factor for hookah price

Regarding the price of coconut coal hookah, many things are questionable, especially for beginners who are starting to try the hookah technique.

When viewed from the search results obtained, the price of coconut coal hookah is very diverse.

This depends on various factors which include:


The price can’t lie to quality, that’s the proverb. Yes, the quality of coconut coal products determines the low and high price of coconut coal hookahs.

The higher the quality, the higher the price of the coconut coal.

Materials and technology

Not all materials used for coconut coal are of the same quality. Even the way of processing coal can be different. That is why the materials and technology used in the manufacture of coal are price-differentiating factors.


The brand determines the price of coconut coal for hookahs. The better and more famous the brand, the higher the price of coconut coal.

These 3 factors determine the price of coal products for hookahs. Regarding the price, generally, coconut coal products are found at price starting at Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 95,000 maybe even more with the quality and reputation of the coconut coal product.

With the explanation described above, this natural coconut coal is somewhat safer and friendlier than other types of coal.

Now, with the explanation of the factors for coconut coal for hookah price that have been described above, you can try to buy quality products.

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