price of coconut shell charcoal

The price of coconut shell charcoal can be varied, depending on some factors. For example, the place where you buy it and how much you buy it. But averagely, it costs around $1 to $1,28 per kilogram. Yes, coco charcoals are that cheap, which is one of the main reasons why people switch from ordinary charcoals to coconut shell charcoals.

Besides being more affordable, coconut charcoals also have other perks that other charcoals do not have. Here they are.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy means the energy sourced from nature. It will not run out and coco charcoals are included as one. Coconut shell charcoals are included as the biomass type. Biomass itself is a type of renewable energy that refers to biological materials derived from living organisms. Other examples of biomass are wood fuel, waste, and even alcohol.

price of coconut shell charcoal

Maximum Heat

The next benefit of coconut charcoal is that it can provide maximum heat. Unlike coal briquettes, coconut shell charcoal can produce heat at the level of 7000 kal. This makes the cooking process quicker.

As an Alternative to Coals

According to some studies, the massive exploration of coals on this earth is extremely damaging to the environment and nature. Moreover, coals also seem to be poisonous if the smoke is inhaled for a long time. And coconut shell charcoal comes as a solution to this issue. Produced for natural materials, coco charcoals are a safer alternative to coals.


As it is said previously, coco charcoals are made of natural ingredients so that they are not poisonous. The making process of this charcoal is natural as well without any addition of harmful chemicals. Other materials used are natural as well, such as tapioca flour derived from cassava that serves as an adhesive. If you are looking for a healthier, safer alternative to coal, coconut charcoal is a great option.

Go Green Energy

This becomes one of the most famous benefits of coconut shell charcoal. Go green energy is the name for a friendly energy source for living areas. Once again, coconut charcoal is made of all natural ingredients without any harmful chemicals. This is the reason why coco shell charcoal is environmentally friendly.

Longer Burning Time

Last but not least is longer burning time. Coconut shell charcoal has quite a long burning time, which is around 2 hours to 3 hours. This makes coconut charcoal and coconut briquettes an effective and efficient fuel. This is the reason why many traditional restaurants switch from coal briquettes to coco charcoal.

The interesting thing about coconut shells is that they are cheap and burn for a long time, especially if compared to wood. Moreover, the number of calories or the heat source that the coco shells produce is quite large. Coco charcoals are safer for nature and more environmentally friendly. It is because coconut charcoal does not contain any harmful chemicals so that the smoke is non-toxic.

The materials used to make coconut charcoal are all natural. That is the benefits and price of coconut shell charcoal.

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