coconut charcoal shell

How does coconut charcoal shell produce? Many people want to know how to make this charcoal or how the factory makes it from a coconut shell to a ready-to-use charcoal briquette. Here, we will help you understand the manufacturing process of coconut shell charcoal. Let’s start!

The Manufacturing Process of Coconut Charcoal Shell

The manufacturing process of coconut charcoal shells started with the collection of the resource that will be used as the manufacturing material. There are abundant coconut shell resources you can find. However, for better purposes and effect on the environment, a factory should be located close to the resource place or own its plantation.

Then, let’s move to the manufacturing process of coconut charcoal shells in the factory:

Carbonize process – It uses a carbonizing machine to create carbonized (burned) coconut shells, as the start to create the charcoal.

Crushing process – The next step of making a coconut charcoal shell is crushing the carbonized coconut shell. The coconut shell turns into charcoal powder in this step.

Mixing process – Then, we mix the charcoal powder with water and binder. It is necessary because charcoal powder has a low viscosity. Adding a binder will create a more solid and smoother briquette, which is necessary to create a ready-to-sell coconut charcoal shell briquette.

For better results, you can use corn or cassava starch. These materials are food-grade materials and produce no dangerous substance when you burn them. The ratio used for the binder is about 3-5%.

coconut charcoal

As for water, the amount depends on the quality of the charcoal. However, the result should have around 20-25% of moisture in this step. You can check whether the powder has enough humidity or need extra water. You only need to grab the powder with your hand and pinch it hard. When it keeps staying in one shape that is the humidity level you need for moving to the next step of making a coconut charcoal shell.

Briquetting Process – this process shapes the powder into a certain shape, which will become the shape of a charcoal briquette that you can use. During this step, a machine shapes the powder into a briquette shape. Then, we can move to the last step, which is the drying process.

Drying Process – you can use two drying methods, natural and machine. As for the natural drying process, you dry the briquette under the sunlight for around 4-7 days. As for the machine drying process, a factory used two types of machines, the mesh belt dryer and the box-type charcoal dryer.

The mesh belt dryer only takes 2-3 hours. As for the box-type dryer, it takes around 5 hours to dry the briquette. Then, you only need to check the best and non-damaged product and pack it up.


Those are the long and complicated processes to create a coconut charcoal shell product. It requires a lot of effort and equipment to produce the best charcoal from coconut shells. However, it is a necessary process to make charcoal give the best performance as fuel for heating or cooking.

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