Now, people have recognized that coconut shells are not only useful as natural raw materials for handicrafts. However, they can also be an alternative to traditional charcoal for cooking. Natural coconut charcoal is an environmentally-friendly green charcoal that offers many benefits, making your experience in barbecuing fun. Even more, it is also helpful to protect the environment. That’s why you should switch from traditional lump charcoal to this natural coco coal.

Natural Coconut Charcoal: The Charcoal Next Generation

For your information, the factory doesn’t cut any single coconut tree to produce coconut charcoal. Then, the charcoal’s characteristics vary from one to another. The charcoal variations result in different ash produced, odor, and burning times. So, it is not true that all charcoal is the same. You need to know charcoal from coconut shells burns at7,000 kcal. Its unique process of manufacturing allows the charcoal embers to produce no or little smoke, as well as less than 4% ash waste as long as the factory burns the embers completely.

You should know that 1 kg of coconut charcoal provides the same cooking power as 2 or 2.5 kg of traditional lump charcoal. It depends on the air exposure & the barbecue grill type you use. In addition, coconut charcoal contains very low volatile matter. So, using coconut charcoal for barbecuing ensures minimal soot formation. In turn, this considerably reduces the cleaning time.

And, with a stable heat about 2 – 2.5 hours duration, barbecuing with family will be environmentally friendly, enjoyable, more convenient, and even more economical because it needs less charcoals for replenishment in cooking. So, there’s no reason not to use natural coconut charcoal.

Charcoal Briquettes from Natural Coconut Shells

Natural coconut shells for charcoal briquettes can keep your food safe from potentially harmful substances like wisps of burning petroleum. Besides that, the tough texture of the coconut shells is very helpful to burn hotter & longer.

To sum up, there are a few reasons why you should prefer natural coco coal to regular briquettes. First, it comes from 100% natural coco shell coal that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals. Besides that, it is also from 100% recycled coco shells. Then, it can burn much hotter & longer compared to traditional charcoal briquettes. In addition, it leaves less carbon footprint. One more thing, you can use it as natural fertilizer for avoiding messy clean-up.

Is Natural Coconut Charcoal Safe to Use?

Many people and factories use coconut charcoal for different purposes. One of them is as natural detoxification. Besides that, activated charcoal is also useful for water filtration. In addition, you can find so many teeth-whitening products that contain coconut charcoal. Even more, many skincare products use coconut charcoal in their ingredients. Another popular use of coconut charcoal is for deodorant because it can remove harmful gases and bad smells.

Well, we can undoubtedly say that natural coconut charcoal is good and safe for different uses from health to daily uses. Because of the safety, you can also make it at home.

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