coconut charcoal price per kg

How much is the coconut charcoal price per kg? Have you ever asked this question whenever you see someone, friends, or family members, use this charcoal for BBQ? As we all know, coconut charcoal offers so many benefits. It is longer lasting, odorless, safe to use, and environmentally friendlier than regular charcoal. So, you also want to buy it, but you want to know its price first.

Here, we will help you learn more about the price of coconut charcoal. First of all, let’s see what kind of type of coconut charcoal you can find on the market.

Coconut Charcoal Types and Sizes

The common types you can find on the market are the briquette type. This type is the best choice for you, because of its shape and density, it can burn much longer. However, you also can find the type of the piece, where you can see the raw form of a coconut shell in it. This type allows you to break it into smaller pieces to use for various purposes. However, the coconut charcoal price per kg mostly is the same for each type.

Other than types, the size of each briquette also is something you should consider. Each package can contain more briquette than others depending on its size. For example, the shisha cube-type coconut charcoal has different sizes from 31 x 31 x 31 mm to 22 x 22 x 22 mm. The 31 mm coconut charcoal will give you about 36 pieces of charcoal per kg. As for the 22 mm type, you get about 120 pieces per kg.

Another thing that also affects the coconut charcoal price per kg is the quality of the product. There are three of them, the Platinum, Super Premium, and Premium types. What makes them different is not only the price. The capability of the Platinum, Super Premium, and Premium coconut charcoal is also different.

For example, Platinum, as the best of all, has a higher calorific value and longer burning time. This type will give you the best performance for many purposes, such as grilling or BBQ. So, even though they are the most expensive ones, you can see them as an investment for the best grilling and BBQ experience. If you love BBQ and do it often, you should consider buying the best one, even with a higher coconut charcoal price per kg.

The Price of Coconut Charcoal

So, how much budget must you prepare? Before COVID-19, a kilogram of coconut charcoal was only around $0.5. However, in 2021 and 2022, we noticed a significant increase in its price. Today, you can get it for $1-$3 per kg. Yet, we can say that the price is still pretty affordable. So, you might want to stock up for your needs later.

So, choose a reliable place to get the best price. Some places might haggle up the price due to import reasons or something like that. So, be careful and checks the coconut charcoal price per kg in another place before buying them.

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