coconut charcoal briquette indonesia

Coconut husks from which briquettes are made are often discarded. In fact, coconut shells can be used as a raw material for processing into coconut charcoal, which can be processed into innovative products that can provide added value. Here are some tips to choose reliable coconut charcoal briquette Indonesia.

Export coconut charcoal briquettes

The coconut charcoal briquette Indonesia has great export potential. One of the factors is the quality of Indonesian coconut briquettes, which is considered the best in the world market. Coconut shell briquettes are an alternative fuel often used for cooking, especially for grilling ingredients, as is the case in Europe. 

Middle Eastern countries are used for hookah smoking purposes. In Asia, as in Korea and Japan, coconut charcoal briquettes are used for cooking in restaurants. 

In addition, coconut shell briquettes are safer and more environmentally friendly. It does not damage plants such as mangroves and does not emit smoke. Furthermore, it is related to the very sensitive issue of global warming. 

A huge opportunity in the export market means that the demand for coconut shell raw materials will also increase. This opportunity must be seized by small businesses to profit from coconut shells. The only market where demand exceeds supply is for coconut charcoal briquettes.

coconut charcoal briquette indonesia

Tips For Choosing Reliable Coconut Charcoal Briquette Indonesia

Here are some tips the authors can offer in choosing the best and most reliable coal-fired power plants for overseas markets.

1. Discover the export expertise

Although there are many coal briquette mills whose products may penetrate the international market, they have little experience in handling the export of coal products.

A reliable briquette manufacturer needs qualified professionals not only in the manufacturing sector but also in the product export sector. Apart from that, this export experience also allows us to know which factories have very good charcoal products and allows them to penetrate the international market.

2. Find out if the factory is a cottage industry

This reliable briquette manufacturer has sufficient production capacity to meet the huge demand in the international market. In addition, on a cottage industry scale, the quality control is very poor, so the quality of the briquettes is usually not very good. Moreover, the methods and techniques are very traditional, making it difficult to compete in the export market.

3. Run a highly regulated company

Good corporate management is, of course, the foundation and backbone of corporate sustainability, and so is the briquette factory. From raw material procurement to production, quality control (QC), and export departments, a very well-organized management system is required to ensure that the factory performs its functions well and is organized from raw material operations to coal export.

4. Investigation of the briquette factory before concluding the sales contract

Normally, all foreign coal buyers are invited to a coconut charcoal briquette Indonesia factory and requested to monitor the factory’s operational activities. In addition, buyers do not hesitate to test the quality of coal plants. Hookah stoves or equipment are usually equipped to check whether the produced briquettes meet the buyer’s own requirements.

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