how to heat up coconut charcoal for hookah

Did you know that coconut shells actually have a lot of benefits, apart from being used as charcoal, apparently coconut shells can also be used for smoking. Well, maybe here you are wondering, how come? So in ancient times, the people of Middle Eastern countries like India, Pakistan, and Gujarat had an idea to enjoy smoking in a different way in general, they created a hookah to be used for smoking. Then how to heat up coconut charcoal for hookah?

The hookah itself is a water pipe that has a long tube connected to a container. These pipes are used to smoke a mixture of tobacco and fruit flavors which are then burned over a container using special charcoal. From the results of that heating, it will bring smoke into the water container.

So that the smoke will evaporate. Well, this steam will be inhaled and enjoyed through the hose. Talking about the hookah itself, did you know beforehand How to heat up coconut charcoal for hookah? If not, let’s immediately see the review in this article.

How To Heat Up Coconut Charcoal For Hookah Easily And Quickly

You need to know that, in the last 2 years, hookah has been increasingly in demand by people around the world, even in Indonesia itself. Hookahs are considered safer and lighter than other cigarette alternatives. So now hookah has become part of the lifestyle of people around the world. Once you find out what hookah is? Now is the time for you to know How to heat up coconut charcoal for hookah on a gas stove properly.

  • The first step, turn on the gas stove in your home.
  • Then next place a special container on the gas stove.
  • Next, place the coconut charcoal in the container in such a way that they are close to each other.
  • Then wait 10-15 minutes, while turning it over using hookah tongs, so that the coals heat evenly.
  • Once the coconut charcoal is perfectly hot with a bright red color,
  • Then smoke will appear which can be transferred to a special container.
  • Then wait for the smoke to evaporate by itself.
  • After completely steaming.
  • Then the next step is for you to just enjoy the hookah through the hose tool.

The Another Way

Another way that you can use to heat coconut charcoal for hookahs is to use the oven. Here are the easy steps.

  • Prepare the oven, and set the temperature at 150-180 Celsius.
  • Then place the coconut charcoal on a baking sheet that has been covered with tin foil.
  • Wait 5-10 minutes for the coconut charcoal to heat up completely.
  • Here you don’t need to flip the charcoal over, because the charcoal is already getting heat from all sides.
  • If the charcoal is perfectly heated, the next step is smoking
  • Prepare a special hookah container to put the charcoal in.
  • Then after the charcoal is put in a special container, wait for the charcoal to release steam.
  • If the steam has appeared, then you can enjoy your homemade hookah.

So, that’s a brief review regarding how to heat up coconut charcoal for a hookah that you can try yourself at home without needing to get confused. We hope that this information about hookahs will be of use to all of you.

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