coco charcoal briquettes

Are you thinking of using coco charcoal briquettes as alternative energy? Well, it can be a great option to take since the briquettes also come with many benefits. Not only that but they also fit various purposes. Let’s break down the reasons why people prefer to use briquettes made of coconut shell charcoal on the following page.

#1. 100% Eco-Friendly Option

Coconut charcoal briquettes are environmentally friendly, making them perfect for those who have concerns about the continuity of this planet. This is because the main material used to produce the briquettes are taken from the waste of coconut shells. Unlike other charcoal briquettes that release CO2 into the air when burned, coconut shell charcoal briquettes don’t. 

Comparing them with wood charcoal briquettes that are made of chunks of tree, coconut charcoal briquettes are definitely more eco-friendly. No need to cut a tree that takes years to grow tall, all you need is just unused coconut shells to make the briquettes.

On top of that, coconut shell charcoal briquettes are completely biodegradable. This will make it possible for you to feed your plants with ashes produced by the briquettes burning. The binder of the briquettes is only water and scratch, without any chemical product involved.

#2. No Smoky-Aftertaste

If you like to cook using briquettes, this coconut charcoal will be an ideal choice. The briquettes will not leave a smoky-after taste. This is because coco charcoal briquettes won’t produce smoke if you use them for cooking. In this way, you can maintain the original taste of the food effectively.

Furthermore, the absence of chemical material in the coco shell charcoal briquettes, they are completely safe for cooking. But, what if you purchase manufactured products? Even the production process of manufactured briquettes is also safe. You can be sure that there will be no harmful substances found in the briquettes.

#3. Less Expensive

As costs matter, the relatively low price of coco shell charcoal briquettes is another reason why they are popular. What makes them affordable for most people? Well, let’s use coal briquettes to compare. You need to mine the coal first before turning it into briquettes. Also, keep in mind that these briquettes are made of coconut waste. You can even get unused coconut shells for free!

#4. Burn Longer

Coconut charcoal briquettes burn relatively longer. Not only that but the heat produced is also stable, thanks to the dense structure of the material used in the briquettes. This is also the reason why every particle in the briquettes receives the burn equally. The burning process of these coconut shell briquettes is also slow.

Researches show that coco shell charcoal briquettes can burn 2.5 times longer than regular briquettes. 1000 kg of coconut charcoal briquettes requires the same amount of time to burn as 2.500 kg of other charcoal types. 

#5. Easy to Make

Best of all, you can make the coco charcoal briquettes yourself. Especially if you live in an area where coconut trees can grow well and are easy to find. Furthermore, these briquettes are easy to make and only require simple techniques.

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