coconut shisha charcoal cubes

Premium-quality coconut shisha charcoal cubes are required for the greatest results while smoking shisha. Smoking with anything less than excellent charcoal may lead to a throat infection or headache. Excellent charcoal is clean and pure, and it generates plenty of heat that is required for smoking shisha. It is best to avoid charcoal that contains chemical residues and odor volatiles.

Using Coconut Shisha Charcoal Cubes for Shisha Smoking

You’ll need one base, bowl, pipe, as well as a hose or mouthpiece in order to start smoking shisha. To put it another way: a water pipe. To begin, insert your preferred tobacco flavor in the bowl, which is placed on top of such pipe construction. A part of aluminum foil which perforated covers the bowl, which is then topped with a lighted and heated charcoal tab. Remember to use a couple of tongs for all this. The charcoal tab throughout the bowl warms the tobacco. Next, using a hose or mouthpiece, you may begin smoking. The tobacco’s smooth, sweet-smelling smoke is filtered into the base, which contains water.

coconut shisha charcoal cubes

How to Burn a Charcoal Cube

Put the charcoal briquette in a basin or on a fire-safe surface using tongs. Then, using a match or perhaps a gas lighter, fire the tab and wait for it to ignite. When the charcoal cube is fully lighted, it would glow red and also be covered in gray soot. This indicates that the cube is totally prepared for usage. Put the coconut shisha charcoal cubes on such a perforated piece of aluminum foil on top of the shisha bowl with tongs. After using, be sure to soak any remaining charcoal cube into water. It is best to store charcoal cube (lit or unlit) out of the reach of youngsters.

Time It Takes for Charcoal to Burn

It just needs 20 to 30 seconds to burn a coconut shisha charcoal cube. The cube is quite hot enough and ready to use after the sparks have faded. A 33 mm charcoal cube will burn for 30 to 45 minutes and a 40 mm charcoal tab will burn for 45 to 50 minutes.

An average shisha session will take between 30 and 45 minutes. According to the number of individuals as well as the desired smoking intensity, 1-4 charcoal cubes are required every session.

Shisha Smoking Facts

Did you realize that smoking shisha for an hour is equivalent to smoking over 100 cigarettes? In a social context, smoking shisha, hookah, or any other water-pipe-based tobacco product may appear innocuous, but there is no safe amount of smoking for every tobacco product, whether shisha or cigarettes.

Shisha tobacco is typically made with tobacco that has been sweetened using fruit and molasses sugar, providing it a pleasant fragrance. It is smoked using a water pipe, often known as a hookah, shisha, nargile, goza, arghile, or hubble bubble.

Shisha tobacco is typically favored to raise product demand while disguising the roughness of the tobacco as well as other additives. Some items are much more addictive than cigarettes because they contain more nicotine.

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