what is the best coconut charcoal or hookah

Many don’t know that shisha can provide a different smoking experience. This experience can be even better if you know the answer to what is better coconut charcoal or hookah?. The reason is that two types of hookah charcoal are sold in the market today.

There are light charcoal and natural charcoal. Choosing natural charcoal will give you the experience of sipping shisha for a longer period. This is also the cleanest way to smoke shisha and is suitable for beginners who are just trying it.

The basic ingredients are different so you can light coals quickly without having to put out too much effort. Most of these products have a layer of sulfur so the charcoal heats up faster.

The shape is also unique, namely in the form of a circle with a diameter of 33-40 mm, and has no smell. For a wide variety of brands and with light charcoal can decide on how long to try a shisha.

What is Better, Coconut Charcoal or Hookah?  

Here is a brief explanation of natural hookah charcoal. From this explanation, it can be concluded whether coconut charcoal or hookah is better than the smoking method in Indonesia or the current vape.

Natural Hookah Charcoal

The main purpose of natural hookah charcoal is to provide the heat required by the shisha. Especially if you want to use it in the long term.

The material comes mostly from coconut shells and is very environmentally friendly. This natural product will last a long time for a lightweight hookah class and is also easier to maintain for smoking shisha.

Today it is not difficult to find natural charcoal and light hookah charcoal on the market. The experience of smoking Middle Eastern style has also started to enter Indonesia, where most of them are enthusiastic about this new method.

Is it Better than Cigarettes and Vaping?

The presence of shisha is immediately juxtaposed with cigarettes and vaping which have been enjoyed by most people. One source said that the charcoal hookah and shisha smoking method is not as good as it seems.

Even the amount of incoming smoke or poison can be hundreds of times. That is why the option of smoking shisha is not recommended unless you just want to try it once in a while. Vape is currently still a strong competitor to cigarettes in terms of popularity in Indonesia.

The Popularity of Shisha in Indonesia

For Indonesian people smoking shisha is less popular. Many prefer to use regular cigarettes because of the pleasure they get and can be enjoyed anywhere.

Because in Indonesia young people prefer the latest and most valuable things, that’s why vaping is chosen. Apart from that, vape aromas can also be according to taste, ranging from fruity to floral scents.

Because the cost of a vape is slightly more expensive, users are often proud when they are using a vape. That’s why shisha still loses even though there are claims that it is healthier from its users.

The answer to What is Better Coconut Charcoal or Hookah? is natural, not mild. Luckily in Indonesia, many produce it so you can try shisha right away without having to have trouble finding the hookah you need.

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