briquette de coco

Briquette de coco made from coconut husks are an alternative fuel that is widely used in cooking, especially baking, especially in Europe.

In Asia, such as in Korea and Japan, briquettes are used for cooking in restaurants because they produce more heat than briquettes or mangrove charcoal.

Definition of Briquettes

It is one of the energy sources obtained from biomass and used as an alternative energy source to petroleum energy and other energies obtained from fossils in the environment.

Also, briquettes are defined as solid fuel with high carbon content, high calorific value, and excellent durability obtained by compressing soft coal mixed with adhesive.

Therefore, he explained that briquettes need adhesives and materials with relatively low moisture content, low ash content, and low carbon content rather than the taste of raw materials such as agricultural and forestry waste.

briquette de coco

Advantages of Briquette de Coco

1. Renewable Energy

The energy that we can get that comes from natural resources The raw materials are produced through sustainable natural processes. This energy continues to be produced by nature, and we cannot predict when it will run out.

2. Maximum heat production 

Briquettes are not the same as charcoal. Because of the high heat that the coconut briquette gives off, it is very high in calories at about 7,000. So calorie-dense ingredients are processed faster and cooked perfectly.

3. Non-toxic

Coconut shell molds are molded using natural processes, so these molds are safe to use. Using this process, coconut shell briquettes become a very safe material.

4. Smokeless 

Basically, burning charcoal always produces a lot of smoke, but unlike this coconut briquette, burning charcoal produces almost no smoke, so it doesn’t cause pollution or get in the way. environment.

5. Go green 

Identify environmentally friendly energy sources. The advantage of coconut shell charcoal briquettes is that they are made according to coconut standards, and tapioca flour is added so that they do not produce much smoke when burning.

Functions of Briquette de Coco

1. Alternative fuel 

The main use of briquette de coco is as an alternative fuel. Briquettes can also replace fuel oil derived from plant and animal fossils that existed millions of years ago. If you want to buy a briquette machine, visit his website at Motor His Home.

Therefore, using briquettes reduces the use of a non-renewable energy source—petroleum. Molds can also be easily made from various natural materials found there.

2. Saving fuel oil 

As an alternative energy source, briquettes can definitely reduce the use of kerosene. Also, the function of briquettes has been used since ancient times for a very long time. Briquettes are flammable, but they do not burn out quickly. It is cheaper than fuel oil and can be used for a long time.

3. Waste reduction 

Using briquettes also reduces local natural waste. Briquettes can be made from lignin and cellulosic materials, such as biomass waste. in the form of shells. By processing the waste into briquettes, it can be recycled.

4. Reducing air pollution 

Using briquette de coco as fuel also reduces air pollution. Also, the smoke generated from briquettes does not cause serious environmental pollution like the use of fuel oil. Of course, this applies only to briquettes made from natural ingredients, not charcoal.

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