where to buy coconut charcoal

In Indonesia, there are about 30 coconut charcoal manufacturers. So, where to buy coconut charcoal? How do you pick the best option for your products? The primary concerns with charcoal companies are quality and manufacturing time. Basically, the first order is usually the best in terms of quality, while the second order might be significantly different.

Determining the Grade of a Coconut Charcoal

The main issue for all customers is maintaining high grade charcoal before determining where to buy coconut charcoal. The issue is with the coconut shell specifications. The quality of coconut shells varies depending on the batch. For instance, Sumatra coconut shells became charcoal ash browner. Meanwhile North Sulawesi coconut shells keep ash white.

The value of coconut charcoal is also determined by how the coconut shell is dried and burned. When the coconut shell has sun-dried up to 15% moisture content or the coconut shells are then burnt with piroliz (without oxygen), the quality is good. However, if the shells are not dry enough and are burned on the forest with oxygen, the charcoal will be of poor quality.

Young coconut shells are also insufficient for the production of high-quality coconut charcoal. Just the old sun-dried coconut shells tend to be suitable for making charcoal. Mixing shells with dirt and wood is another major factor that might impact charcoal quality. During the burning process, wood and soil may be combined with charcoal shells (piroliz).

Choosing a Reliable Company

You ought to visit the charcoal plant, coconut shell collecting, and piroliz facility to ensure that you get the correct provider of coconut charcoal. Those locations are often spread over Indonesia’s several islands. Ascertain that all of these facilities are owned by the same person. It will assure a steady supply of high-quality coconut charcoal.

Make sure that your provider is a factory instead of a middleman. In Indonesia, there are dozens of so-called firms who claim to possess a charcoal industry. They are not to be trusted. Examine all corporate documentation. Check out Akta Pendirian, NIB, TDP, and NPWP for Indonesian companies. Check for details about who appears on the certificates, when they’ll expire, and where the official location is. Check to find out if the sales manager’s name is written on any of the documents. Otherwise, you’re working with a middleman.

Examine the bill of the lading and any other shipping paperwork. Genuine coconut charcoal vendors will be able to show you a stack of shipping records verifying their presence. Check the B/L number with the shipment lines (you can check it online). Therefore, you can determine where to buy coconut charcoal.

What to do next?

Employ a qualified surveyor to inspect the loading procedure, the number of boxes containing charcoal, and conduct laboratory testing prior to shipping.

A documented agreement on quality resolution was reached with the charcoal plant. Professional charcoal providers are typically willing to sign such a contract. Make a list of the penalties for each modification in the quality characteristics of charcoal.

The best strategy to protect yourself from unexpected quality changes is to pay after receiving and inspecting the products. If you know the charcoal provider well, you might agree to pay after you inspect the quality of the coconut charcoal at the destination.

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