coconut charcoal vs regular

Coconut charcoal vs regular, what are the differences between them? Both coconut and regular charcoals are effective media for burning. People use them for cooking, industry, and other activities related to big-scale burning activities.

In case you have not known it yet, the term regular charcoal is charcoal that is made from wooden pieces. It is called regular as it is more common to find. Meanwhile, coconut charcoal is considered a newer technology that brings some more benefits. Coconut charcoals are currently even more popular than regular charcoal.

Although both types of charcoal look the same, there are indeed some differences between them. So, what are the differences? Here they are.

coconut charcoal vs regular


One of the issues in using charcoal in cooking and industry is the smoke. Undeniably, smoke is a part of pollution that disturb the health and comfort of people and the environment around them.

When comparing coconut charcoal vs regular, the smoke produced by regular charcoals is more than it produced by coconut charcoals. It makes coconut charcoals more environmentally friendly and is recommended to use for cooking and industry activities for the long term.


The next comparison between coconut and regular charcoals is about the residue. The residue here refers to ashes remaining after the burning process. Well, coconut charcoals produce less residue than wooden charcoal.

Almost the entire part of coconut charcoals is used up during the burning process. It becomes the next reason why this medium is more environmentally friendly. Besides, it makes your jobs easier as you don’t need to clean the ash too often after using the charcoal.

Cooking Results

The most common problem when cooking with charcoal, particularly wooden charcoals is that the food is easily overcooked. Yes, you need to fan it during the cooking process so that the heat is fairly spreading on the stove’s surface. You also cannot leave the cooking process too long as the charcoal can just burn your food too fast if you are not careful.

So, how about cooking using coconut charcoal? This cooking method is considered safer than cooking using wooden or regular charcoals. While the heat is produced faster, it spreads fairly on the surface to prevent the food from being overcooked. The heat or fire produced by the charcoal cooks the food slowly but also properly so that the food ingredients are well cooked.

Coconut charcoal is suitable for cooking ingredients that are thick like meat. Heat the charcoal for some minutes and put the ingredient on it. The heat level should be too high and wait for some minutes until the cooking process is done.

Heat Resistance

The heat from coconut charcoals is more resistant and durable than it from wooden charcoals. When using coconut charcoal, you don’t need to reheat the charcoals too many times to make sure they are on until the cooking process is done.

That’s why, it is not exaggerated to say that coconut charcoal is a more effective cooking and heating medium than regular charcoal. In terms of prices, the differences between them are not too far although coconut charcoals are indeed more expensive than regular charcoals.

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