briquette coconut charcoal

Briquette coconut charcoal is one of the important materials that is used in not only the food industry but also the beauty industry. Many people use coconut charcoal for barbeque purposes, shisha or hookahburners, burning fragrances, and heating spas.

If you wonder why people choose briquette coconut charcoal instead of any other charcoal, read on to know further about what is briquette coconut charcoal and why people use this type of briquette. 

What is briquette coconut charcoal? 

Briquette coconut charcoal is pressed blocks made of shredded grown coconut shells. If the briquette has a more pressed or compacted block, it has more thermal value. 

Then, it is heated inside a kiln with a lower level of air. It is burnt to achieve a consistency that has a minimum of 72% fixed carbon and reaches black color. This process does not include any other hazardous substances. 

This type of briquette usually prolongs the heat produced for cooking. Therefore, it suits to cook foods that have a large part and are not easy to fall off. For example, whole chicken, turkeys, lamb, pork shoulder, ribs, and brisket. 

Why do people choose briquette coconut charcoal?

-Have a relatively low price

Because the main ingredient is easier to find than any other type of charcoal, it makes the production cost cheaper. Then, the selling price is for sure lower than the traditional counterparts.  

Moreover, due to its slow-burning process, you do not have to fill the briquette often. It means that it is cost-effective since you use fewer briquettes. 

-Produce less smoke and ash

Briquette coconut charcoal has minimal smoke and ash. Having less than 10% ash content makes it hard to deposit carbon. The little ash andnatural scentmake the cooking area easy to clean and become the best choice for the shisha or hookah companion. Moreover, less smoke makes you keep your clothes from a strong burning smell. 

-Have stable heat

Unlike any other traditional counterparts that reach high temperatures quickly, this briquette takes a long time to heat up. However, once it heats up, it maintains its constant temperature. Therefore, thefood won’t burn easily. Besides, the taste is also flavourful.

-Own Sustainable and eco-friendly materials

Unlike other traditional counterparts that might contain a chemical or any additive, the material of briquette coconut charcoal is organic and renewable. Therefore, it is a guaranteed sustainable energy source. The natural material without any chemical additives also makes it eco-friendly.

-Found the material easily

Since this type of briquette is made from renewable resources, it means not only a big company can reach its material. You can also make the briquette at home by yourself. However, the burning process might be tedious and messy work that is not suitable for everyone. 

From the explanations above, we know the briquette coconut charcoal has natural raw material which makes it easy to find and environmentally friendly. Not only that, its characteristics and durability also make it becomes the best choice for many purposes. 

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