coconut charcoal philippines

You might be considering coconut charcoal Philippines to replace other types of charcoal you are commonly using. It can be a great decision to use coconut charcoal to substitute other charcoal types that people are using because coconut charcoal comes with some amazing benefits. It is not just a fancy choice to use coconut charcoal, for sure, because you can do more for your barbecue party, hookah session, and even the world by choosing coconut charcoal.

Eco-friendly Charcoal 

The very first reason why you make the best decision for the world by choosing coconut charcoal over other charcoal types is that it is eco-friendly charcoal. Why is coconut charcoal considered more eco-friendly than other charcoal types?

First things first, coconut charcoal is sustainable because you make it from coconut shells. You can always use coconut charcoal because you can plant coconut trees over and over again.

Things are getting better because coconut shells used for making coconut charcoal are a bypass product of the coconut industry. The meat is used for making milk and oil that are used for various industries. Instead of throwing away the shells, they are made into high-quality charcoal for various purposes from grilling to smoking shisha.

Since there is no tree cut down for making charcoal, there is no doubt that by choosing coconut charcoal, you have a contribution to reducing tree cutting in the world.

Long Lasting 

Another great reason why to choose coconut charcoal Philippines is that it is long-lasting. You can try to compare how long coconut charcoal and lump charcoal can last. Coconut charcoal can last two and a half times longer, after all.

It might not be about saving money, but it is more about saving time and energy for changing the coconut charcoal. The fun of enjoying endless barbecues can be found if you use this long-lasting charcoal. There is no need to pause the sun just because you need to replace or add new charcoal.

High Calorific Values

What is the caloric value? This term is used to describe the total heat released from the energy source. Coconut charcoal becomes the energy source that can release high calorific value. Coconut shell briquettes can release 7000 kcal, but it is not the only great thing about this product. The ability to release high calorific value is great, but coconut charcoal can do better because the heat is released more consistently. You can control your grilling process much better with consistent heat. It means that the barbecue can be cooked evenly to deliver a more improved barbecue experience.

Coconut Charcoal Philippines has More Benefits 

You will get more benefits from coconut charcoal when it is used for grilling. This charcoal is odorless which means that you can avoid smelling something unpleasant from your barbecue. You can focus on the food and its seasoning.

Coconut charcoal is also smokeless and sparkless which makes grilling more comfortable and safer. More great benefits of coconut charcoal Philippines include flameless cooking, minimal ash, no chemical additives, and less storage requirement. Once again, you make the right decision to substitute your current charcoal with coconut charcoal.

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