Charcoal cubes near me

Where can I find charcoal cubes near me? It becomes a more famous question since many people start using charcoal cubes for their hookah and to make barbecue. However, some people believe that the cube are harmful things, especially if you are going to use them for barbecue.

During the making of charcoal, the makers usually add some additives. It is the thing that makes people avoid charcoal. But coconut charcoal is a totally different thing. It is a much better and safer option for those looking for charcoal, either for barbecue or for hookah.

Finding Quality Charcoal Cubes Near Me

Why does coconut charcoal become a much better option? Because it using coconut shells as well as some other substances in order to create the cubes. Some other substances used in order to make charcoal cubes include wood, sawdust or charcoal dust. There are can be used for hookah and barbecue. By choosing the right one, you will be able to enjoy whatever moment you are going to celebrate.

1.    Charcoal for hookah

Coconut charcoal cubes for shisha or hookah have a density that is harder than the ones for barbecue. Besides, you can ignite much more easily. Shisha briquettes’ hardness should allow anyone to hold the cubes easily using a tong without feeling scared to break the cubes.

How can you tell a coconut charcoal cube for hookah has excellent hardness? Test one of the cubes by pressing that briquette using heels. If the briquette remains solid, you finally find quality for your hookah moments.

Keep in mind that cubes come with less smell and won’t be able to affect the taste of shisha. They should also produce only 6% of ashes.

2.    Charcoal for barbecue

You need to choose ones that are safe for consuming and food grade. The use of natural coconut shells actually allow the coals to create less ashes and smoke. The coconut cubes will be more environmentally friendly.

You need to find the special one for barbecue since those coals usually have the quality to save much more energy, particularly when providing the more stable heat. For example, a coconut charcoal cube that is 40x30x25 mm will be able to provide longer burning.

The long burning with average temperature between 100 and 250 degrees Celsius can last up to 145 minutes. If you really want to enjoy your barbecue moment with your loved ones, get the best cubes.

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