Charcoal cubes for shisha

Shisha is also known as water pipe, narghile, hubble bubble, or hookah. This unique way of smoking comes from some areas in Asia and the Middle East. But now, it is now famous in so many countries around the world. No wonder many more people are looking for charcoal cubes for shisha.

To enjoy shisha, you will have to prepare a tool. You will need a bowl that has a tube or hose on it. The tube has a unique mouthpiece. Smokers use the mouthpiece to breathe in the shisha’s smoke. What is inside the shisha? Why do you need charcoal cubes when you’re going to use hookah?

Why You Need Charcoal Cubes for Shisha

Usually, shisha contains tobacco. Some people mix the tobacco with fruit or some molasses sugar. Shisha comes in various flavors, like strawberry, apple, cola, mint, and others. In order to use the shisha, you will need coal, wood, or charcoal as the ‘fuel’.

You must burn the ‘fuel’ inside the shisha pipe so that it can heat your tobacco. That way, the tobacco will create the smoke you desire. In order to enjoy shisha, you need to look for the right shisha charcoal. If the charcoal has excellent quality, you will enjoy a much better experience with your shisha.

Shisha Charcoal Cubes’ Various Quality

Just like many other products around the world, some charcoal cubes for shisha come in excellent quality while some others have poor quality. You should know the characteristics of shisha charcoal cubes so that you will be able to get the best one. Below are characteristics of high quality cubes.

1.    Smell

Charcoal cubes that have poor quality will produce a strong and bad smell when you light them. But the ones that have excellent quality will produce little or even no bad smell at all. When you light the charcoal cubes, try to find some smell on them. If you notice the bad smell, you shouldn’t use it anymore.

2.    Taste

Another thing that makes poor quality charcoal cubes for shisha different from the top quality ones is the taste of the shisha. If you can taste the charcoal during your shisha smoking, then the charcoal cubes don’t have high quality.

Excellent quality charcoal cubes will not affect your tobacco’s taste when you smoke. In fact, great quality charcoal cubes will be able to enhance your tobacco’s flavor.

3.    Ash

Check around you when you are done smoking your shisha. Charcoal cubes that have the worst quality will produce ash, a lot of it. But charcoal cubes that have much better quality will produce ash in a very little amount. You will feel more comfortable smoking with charcoal cubes that have excellent quality.

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