Best charcoal fire starter cubes

Kerosene and gas should never be your fuel option since they put out harmful vapors for everyone and for the environment. In order to keep everyone happy and the environment healthy, you need to consider using the best charcoal fire starter cubes in order to light the charcoal cubes for cooking.

What about charcoal products that are easy to light? When you open the package and smell them, you will realize that something is different. It is because those easy light products have been soaked in mineral spirits. You will be able to taste the petroleum products in the foods you cook with them.

The Best Charcoal Fire Starter Cubes to Consider

Charcoal chimney is the best way to light your charcoal cubes. The chimney looks like a tube but it has a lower compartment and also an upper compartment. In order to use this tool, you will have to fill the bottom compartment with newspaper. Then fill the top compartment with charcoal cubes.

And then you must light your paper and wait. After five minutes, more or less, wear your glove and then grab the chimney’s handle. Shake the chimney so that the unlit coals that are on the top of the chimney will turn over and get the fire. Only in fifteen minutes, your coals will be ready when they turn white.

This is because the newspaper’s heat rises and then sucks the oxygen in through the chimney’s bottom. The oxygen ignites your coals and then grows in heat to make the chimney top hot.

Make Your Own Best Charcoal Fire Starter Cubes

Chimney and starter cubes are the best way to light your charcoal. And the good news is you can now make your very own starter cubes easily. Those starter cubes are going to burn for five minutes. The duration is long enough for you to start your chimney. Here are the best starter cubes to use.

1.    Paraffin wax

You are free to use paraffin wax left over from some used candles or use the new wax blocks. Put your paraffin inside an aluminium pan that is disposable. And then place your pan over the low heat source. Melt your wax completely.

2.    Newspaper

Newspaper is the other excellent option of best charcoal fire starter cubes. Tear the papers into squares, around 12×12 inches. Then crumple those papers into balls before you dip them all into your wax from the previous step.

3.    Cotton balls or other dryer lint

But if you prefer using some cotton balls, all you need to do is just hold the corner of the balls and then dip them into the wax liquid. For the dryer lint, create a ball in a smaller gold ball size first. And then dip the ball in your wax liquid.

When you need to start the charcoal, place the best charcoal fire starter cubes on the grill grates. Then you need to light one of the corners. Place your chimney full of charcoals from or by clicking here over your lit starters. Watch your coals catch the flames.