How to use charcoal lighter cubes

Starting charcoal can be challenging. That’s why people start looking for details about how to use charcoal lighter cubes easily and comfortably. There are different types of charcoal lighter, like the chimney lighter and electric lighter. Both of them are excellent tools to light your charcoal easily. This article contains 3 ways of how to use charcoal lighter cubes safely.

Instead of using newspaper and lighter fluid to light your charcoal, chimney and electric lighters are much better tools. They are healthier for anyone around the tools and for our environment. But, how are you going to use the lighter tool to help you light the charcoal for cooking and other purposes?

How To Use Charcoal Lighter Cubes More Easily

The most famous and also safest way to light the charcoal is by using an electric starter or lighter. But before using the electric starter, you need to make sure that the charcoal lighter doesn’t have any technical problem. Always check the tool’s wiring before using it. Make sure the wiring is okay.

You also need to use extension cord in excellent quality in order to make sure that your electric lighter or starter can work properly. If you are sure everything is ready, start following the steps below.

  • Build your charcoal pile big enough in order to stick the whole burner part so it will light the charcoal more quickly. Make sure that your electric starter’s handle isn’t straight above the pile. Place your starter at an angle. It will keep the starter away from getting burnt.
  • The next step of how to use charcoal lighter cubes is plugging the electric starter. Then wait for your charcoal to start burning. After that, you need to remove the charcoal lighter. Place your lighter in a truly safe place so that it will be able to cool off.
  • There is an exception you need to know. If you are using the looftlighter, keep in mind that the tool works just like a torch. You need to keep the charcoal lighter in your hand when you are using the lighter and when you are done. Don’t let kids get close to the charcoal lighter.

Some people are also willing to learn about how to use charcoal lighter cubes with chimney starters. If you are looking for details on which one is better between electric lighter and chimney starter, you’ll find helpful information below.

Comparing Chimney Starter and Electric Lighter

Each lighter for charcoal has incredible benefits for the users. About chimney lighter, it is easier and faster than the other charcoal starter types. It is also reusable and inexpensive and you can use it for a long time. Chimney starter doesn’t require any electricity so you can use it outdoors more comfortably.

But if you are looking for a charcoal lighter that is easier to use, an electric lighter is the best one. It allows you to light your charcoal simply by plugging the tool and delivering electricity to it. However, you need to get the quality charcoal ready before using any lighter. Where to find quality charcoal?

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