Coconut barbecue briquettes? Just by seeing the name, we should have imagined what they actually are. Yes, a coconut barbecue briquette means a kind of briquette made from coconut charcoal. The outer part of a coconut, commonly called the coconut shell, has some functions and benefits. One of them is that it can turn into briquettes after a certain production process.

This alternative energy is quite promising for some reasons. Mostly, briquettes are made from wood pieces. Unfortunately, it is not recommended from the perspective of environmental friendliness. Well, you can imagine how many trees to cut off for the briquettes.

Other energy sources for cooking like gas are also kinds of unrenewable resources, meaning they can be used up in the future. Electronic fuel, which is getting more popular nowadays, is also a problem for some people. You know that it is quite expensive. 

So, why don’t we try to use coconut briquettes more by remembering that most coconut shells end up as waste? Moreover, there are some benefits to get by using coconut barbecue briquettes as follows.

Renewable Resource

If gas and other mining products are in the category of non renewable resources, the coconut briquette is the opposite. It is a kind of renewable resource as the main material is organic. Coconuts are always produced by nature without worrying it will be used up soon.

You can also classify the coconut briquettes in the group of biomass. Biomass refers to renewable resources as the materials are converted from living organisms. Aside from coconut shells, biomass includes wood, bamboo, coconut oil, and other materials from plants.

Producing Maximum Heat

Interestingly, the heat produced by coconut briquettes is more thermal than coal briquettes. In other words, the material produces a maximum heat of up to 7000 cal.

Being a type of fuel with high calories, charcoal briquettes bring some more benefits. When it is applied to the barbecue cooking system, ingredients like meat can be cooked evenly without taking too much time.

Safe and Non-Toxic

The production process of coconut briquettes is mostly natural. It doesn’t require chemical substances from the beginning until the end. If there are some additional ingredients it can only be tapioca flour which is made from cassava. The tapioca flour is added just to make the briquette dough more attached.

When the coconut briquette is used for barbecuing it also doesn’t produce too much smoke. Compared with other briquettes like charcoal, it is commonly too smoky which pollutes the surrounding.

More Economical 

It is clear enough why coconut barbecue briquettes are more economical. The materials are easy to find and most of the coconut shells are only waste. Those wastes are utilized and produced in such a way as to make the briquettes. Moreover, you can also use the same briquettes twice or 3 times when barbecuing without damaging the food taste.

In addition, this type of briquette is relatively easy to use, although it depends on the stove you use. Generally, you can just put the briquettes in the slot available and start cooking.

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