4 Benefits of Using the Coconut Charcoal Cube for Hookah

4 Benefits of Using the Coconut Charcoal Cube for Hookah – A number of hookah smokers choose to use quick lighting coals for heating the shisha. However, this type of charcoal is actually not the best option. For better and safer hookah smoking experience, it is essential for hookah smokers to use the coconut charcoal cube.

Benefits of Using the Coconut Charcoal Hookah Cube

Coconut charcoal cubes are natural charcoal from coconut shells or husks. Unlike the quick lighting coals, coconut coals are without added chemicals. Consequently, it takes more time to light them. However, they offer more benefits than the quick lighting ones.

  1. Do not Cause Headache or Other Effects

Coconut hookah coals are purely natural. They do not contain any additives. Therefore, when they are burnt, they do not release toxic gasses that can cause headache and other negative effects. 

  1. Offer a Longer Hookah Session

The coconut charcoal cube is a slow burner. One small cube can last for about an hour and a half. Therefore, this type of charcoal allows smokers to enjoy a longer hookah session.

  1. Do not Contaminate the Taste of the Shisha

The natural coconut coals are smokeless and have no fragrance. Consequently, it will not contaminate the taste of the shisha and smokers will be able to enjoy a better experience in smoking.

  1. Do not Cause a Mess

No one wants to have a messy hookah session. It is why coconut coals are great for hookah. Using the ashless coconut coals means that smokers do not need to deal with messy ash. In addition, they are dense so that they will not crumble when smokers pick them with the tongs.

How to Light Coconut Charcoal Cube

Lighting the coconut hookah coals needs more time and a coal burner. It may seem impractical compared to lighting the quick lighting coals. However, lighting the natural coals is actually not as complicated and time consuming as it seems. 

To light coconut hookah charcoal, shisha smokers can follow these steps.

  • Place two to four coconut charcoal cubes on the burner. (The number of the coals depend on how big the hookah bowl and how wet the shisha.)
  • Turn the heat of the burner on and set the heat at maximum.
  • Heat each coconut charcoal cube for four to five minutes on one side.
  • After that, flip the coals and heat the other side for two minutes or until the whole coals’ surface turns red. 

Once the coconut coals turn red and hot, smokers can put them on the foil that covers the hookah bowl. 

Tips on Placing the Coals on the Foil

The coconut charcoal cube may be ashless, but it remains important to place them properly on the foil so that there is no ash contaminating the shisha. Moreover, placing them properly allows the tobacco to heats up properly

  • Place the coals toward the outer edge of the foil or slightly overhanging the foil’s edge. 
  • Don’t pile the coals on the center of the foil since they will char the tobacco and ruin the smoking session.
  • Wait for about 5 minutes before start to smoke the shisha.
  • Tap the coals every few minutes on the ashtray to avoid the ash contaminating the tobacco.

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