Coconut shell charcoal briquette importer

You may have decided that you want to be a coconut shell charcoal briquette importer. So, what should you do next? Indeed, you have to pass a long process until selling your first briquette to customers. The list below will guide you to know what to do as a beginner briquette importer. 

Search for Reputable Suppliers 

Say that you want to import coconut shell charcoal briquette to your country. The next thing to do is to ask where you can get the product. All you have to do is look for reputable suppliers from other countries. 

Don’t worry! Most countries have government agencies that are ready to help you. For instance, you can go to the International Trade Administration and Business Administration in your country to learn the requirements, regulations, and anything before importing coconut shell briquette. 

There are also a lot of online sources, consult trade, and professional associations you can use with the rise of the internet. Even if you don’t have any overseas suppliers doesn’t mean that you can’t be an importer. Looking for reputable local suppliers is also an effective small step to being an importer.  

Understand the Duty and Taxes 

A coconut shell charcoal briquette importer should also understand import duty and taxes. Import duty is a percentage of the value of the commodity. The percentage differs based on the commodity, country, quota control, and many more. 

The duty percentage value can be as low as zero or as high as 100 percent or even higher. Indeed, you should pay the import duty and taxes to generate revenue and protect local markets. 

Get the Right and Reliable Networks 

Importing process involves a wide network, including freight forwarders and customs brokers. Instead of adding shipping procedures and documentation by yourself, you would better work with a trusted freight forwarder and broker. 

They will provide the latest updates from the first time you place an order with your shipper. As a result, you can focus on accomplishing other things in the process. The wider the right networks you get, the easier and faster your coconut shell briquette import process. 

Deliver the Coconut Shell Briquette on Time 

Remember! You are about to deliver coconut shell briquette from one country to your country. It takes time. So, never ship the briquette last minute. One of the disadvantages is that you should pay more than it should be. 

You also need to consider any possibility that may interrupt the shipping process. For example, the supplier says that they can’t produce the briquette on time, the ship may not sail based on the schedule and many more. 

The earlier you ship the briquette, the better. You may need to spend money for renting an inventory but you can be a little bit calm because you have the product. 

Indeed, being a coconut shell charcoal briquette importer is not as simple as you can imagine. But you should keep trying if you want to be a successful importer. The process will give you so many valuable lessons for a better import process next time.   

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